RIJIYA GABA DUBU Book 7  Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


When Princess Lamrita heard King Taryam’s words, she was taken aback. Maintaining a composed demeanor and a cool voice, she confronted him, questioning why he had followed them and what dealings he had with her father.

In response, King Taryam took a breath and explained that he knew why Hero Imhal, her father, harbored such hatred and a desire to eliminate someone named Jaruni Imhal. He advised her against pursuing revenge, warning that it would be the biggest mistake of her life. He cautioned her to keep this secret buried to prevent jeopardizing her father’s reputation.

Regarding her second question, King Taryam revealed that it was not the reason for his presence. He had encountered the mysterious figure Salmanu and, with a smile, acknowledged him.

Hero Salmanu saluted King Taryam, and they moved aside for a private conversation. King Taryam expressed a change of heart, proclaiming Hero Salmanu as his chosen champion for the world championship, believing he would secure victory.

Princess Lamrita was astonished by this decision and questioned King Taryam’s rationale. She challenged his choice, asserting that he had not witnessed the extent of her abilities. Unconvinced, she urged him to reconsider.

King Taryam chuckled and dismissed her concerns, hinting at a hidden issue he was aware of. He assured her that time would reveal the truth and disclosed his plan to pause the competition between King Gurzalu and Hero Imhal until their injuries healed.

King Taryam revealed that Princess Shumaira, his daughter, was deeply in love with Hero Imhal, who she believed had lost his life. He implored Princess Lamrita to allow Hero Imhal to be with him, ensuring her daughter’s well-being.

As the conversation unfolded, Princess Lamrita and Hero Salmanu exchanged glances and remained silent. Hero Salmanu eventually suggested giving Imhal to the king to save lives. However, Princess Lamrita vehemently opposed the idea, expressing her loyalty to her only brother and declaring that she would not share Imhal even if it meant facing betrayal.

Tears welled up in Princess Lamrita’s eyes as she raised her sword, challenging King Salman and King Taryam. She declared that if they wanted to separate her from Imhal, they could kill her, emphasizing the deep bond she shared with her brother.

The emotional scene left Hero Salmanu and King Taryam in a state of disbelief and sadness. Jaruni Salmanu, understanding the gravity of the situation, gently took Lamrita’s sword and assured her that his love for her was strong enough to protect her from any impending danger.

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