RIJIYA GABA DUBU Book 6 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani M Gini


Badakaren delivered it. The elderly man placed it down and acknowledged receipt with a nod. As we parted ways, I headed to my room to prepare for my journey to Izu. While changing my clothes, I heard the door being pushed open. I turned around to find someone entering. Before I could react, I felt a punch on my left ear. Confused, I found myself lying down, bound and gagged.

As the assailant completed the tying, Zamaru’s mouth was already standing ready to run outside. This incident occurred in my house, where the throne’s fight from the night before spilled into the day. The brave Imhal emerged victorious in the garden competition in the fourth round.

Imhal, however, had been bedridden for two days due to a severe illness. During this time, only King Taryan and the doctor had access to his room. Princess Shumaira, though concerned, was denied entry by Imhal. The absence of Muzaira during these days troubled her, adding to the mystery.

The second night before the hero Imhal recovered, he opened his eyes to find King Taryan and the doctor by his side. Despite his desire to end the suffering and the upcoming final game with King Gurzalu, Imhal was advised to rest. The injuries were not fully healed, and he felt weak.

Imhal expressed his exhaustion and frustration with the competition. In a burst of emotion, he attempted to stand, but King Taryan urged him to remain seated. Imhal pleaded to end the competition, to gain independence and stop the bloodshed.

A loud shout from Imhal echoed through the castle, surprising everyone. His injuries miraculously healed, and the bleeding stopped. The news of Imhal’s recovery spread, with people speculating that he might be more than human. Princess Lamrita, having escaped, fled to the forest. The kingdom was abuzz with the events, and Imhal’s extraordinary abilities left people in awe and fear.

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