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ZEENATU Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZEENATU


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*Dedicated to Bena & Lubie*

*Note: This book is not intended to harm anyone. Regardless of the content, it reflects the truth. His dede and lyf is Arashi.*


On Sunday, July 13th, 2010, at half-past 10 in the morning, she stepped out wearing a tie and a chest tie, and covered her head with a small hijab adorned with a bath sign. She entered the kitchen and emerged from it, calling out, "Sadiq! Sadiq! Where are you?" Her voice halted as she observed his face masked with sleepiness. "Ah, you must be drowsy or still half asleep," Sadiq spoke up, sitting up and stretching with half-closed eyes. The remnants of sleep lingered upon him. "Come, go back to sleep. Are you getting up? Oh, these lazy ones," he said, jesting. "Ah, Sadiq, you're too lazy to get up, so go shop now. It's almost 11, and we should see Mom and the rest of the family. Right?"


"So, am I the only one at home? Where's Faty? She came to see me, and you ignored her. It's not fair. You know it's the weekend, and it's almost Mayen. I'm here today. It's a holiday. I'm just feeling unwell. You look like a sleepyhead," she looked at him, saying, "Goodbye, Sadiq. Today, there won't be any food for you in this house, but you'll have to make do." He stood up and pointed his finger at her. "I told you, by God, today there won't be any food for you in this house. God help you. Today, people fighting over their own problems won't care about my situation. Today, I'm overflowing with patience, so I'll put up with you." He was irritated because he despised being woken up from his sleep, but he overheard something. "Teacher, just go out and extinguish the fire in the almasifatu."


She stepped outside through the front door, her frustration evident. She washed her face at the plumber's place, then entered her room, grabbed a mirror, and looked at herself through the window. She smiled, put on her veil, and left to buy some soup. That's a glimpse of Zeenatu.


Zeenat hurriedly walked to buy the soup and return home early. After the meal, Aneesa and her Muslim friends sat by the tree, engaged in conversation. Aneesa said, "I don't know what you're talking about." They playfully pulled Aneesa's ear and whispered, "You're the talk of the town, let's discuss it with her." Zeenat, unaware of their presence, rushed past them. Arba turned around and said, "You're here." They exchanged glances and shook their heads.


As they greeted each other, Aneesa said, "I'm Zeenat. Your husband has been with you for two months now." I heard you called me, and I know you're gossiping about me. So what if my marriage doesn't concern you? Let's continue our conversation. She's looking at you, and you're listening. We're talking about marriage, and you're telling me we'll fight. Of course, Abu Faty's words are true, and I'm embarrassed. I'm not Laasa's sister, you know. I won't let her sleep. Don't forget, I'm sorry because you know me better than anyone in school.

 I'm not interested in gossip. And by the way, Fat Abu can call herself a vain and empty hypocrite. She walked away, panting, and entered their house. When Sadiq followed Faty, leaving the house, she returned to him and cried a lot. He'll be there for me because I'll wake him up from his sleep. I'll buy Hansin a book.


"Alright, teacher, keep people quiet. You know how unpleasant a husband can be when he's drunk and asleep." She went to her dressing table and fixed the soup bowl. Glancing at the clock, it read 12 o'clock. She stared at the soup bowl for a while. From the bowl, she would determine whether it was filled up to three times. She cooked jollof rice, finishing by 2:30. After taking a bath, she served itada Faty for them while they ate afalo and watched a movie.


Sadiq came out of his room and entered the kitchen. He picked up a plate, opened a container, took some food, and reached for a spoon. "I don't care," she said hastily, leaving the kitchen. When she noticed he had filled the plate with food, she exclaimed, "Goodbye. Aren't you going to eat this food?" He turned around and retorted, "By God, didn't I ask you if you brought the food? I didn't bring it, but I left it here." When their mother noticed the tension, she went out and headed towards the house, knocking on its door before sitting down. Around 4 o'clock, she returned home and found them asleep. She grabbed a plate and went to the kitchen, leaving them behind.


Around 6 pm, their mother returned home, but it was already late. Zeena was upset about Sadiq's food, but her mother's voice faded as they spoke to her. Zeena sat on the mat, and her mother said, "What do you mean to me? Don't you have any sense of forgiveness? Everything about you is wrong. You're hopeless. You're causing suffering. You don't care about my children. You don't stay at home." She stormed out, giving Baki a hijab and saying, "God, Mom, today my soul is troubled." She glanced at Zeena and continued, "Tell me, what's bothering your soul? Calm down and take a breath." Her mother took ablution water and sat down, saying, "Oh no, a person shouldn't be hasty." She was furious enough to put on her shoes and go outside, panting.


After leaving, she didn't go anywhere but to Fat Abu's house. Sallama observed the house, bid farewell, and Abu stepped out of the room. "What do you want? You're fat, but you don't want to be slim," he said. Hanu raised her hand, signaling Abu to be quiet. She grabbed a small chair, sat down, looked at Abu, and pushed her small box forward. "Abu, finish up your nonsense and listen. From where you're standing, now, Abu, what you're doing is wrong. What does it have to do with me if you claim you don't want to get married and tell everyone we're interested in you? You know I won't return because I'm pained. So, I wanted to let you know, and I'll wait for you later," said Abun Tai, instructing him to go to the room and prepare firewood.


At 8 pm, Zeena sat down to organize her business matters, entering data and receiving a phone call. She glanced at the window

 and answered the call three times. "Sir, if I say something, you won't call me again. I don't have any other issues now, so leave me alone," she said. "I told you to inform me if you find another Sarkin," she hung up the phone. "I'm a man, I'm persistent."


Sadiq entered the room to count the money and exclaimed, "Ah, you managed to grab a lot. Sit next to it and sprinkle some powder." Zeena turned around. "How much is this?" She looked at him and replied, "600 hundred naira. Is it not enough for a woman?" He laughed and said, "So, this is how you're taking people's money now? You've raised the price to 600 hundred. I'd rather give you 200 percent." Wait, Sadiq, what's the powder for?" When she attempted to talk to him, he started laughing, and they left. Mum said she came into the room today while Zeena and Sadiq were preparing. Mum asked if Sadiq had a girlfriend, but Zeena quickly hushed her, saying, "Oh, Mum, she's lying. She's younger than me." The girl interjected, "It's true, Mum. I'm not lying. Now's the time to be shameless. You should see a boy going after someone older than him to talk to her." "Seriously, Mum, including the fact that he would make her apply powder on her face just to see how nice it looks." "God, she's lying, but if you say so. Look at him," she said, glancing at Zeena. Banda, it's nonsense. You should focus on your studies, not Shime's business. She ran away, and they burst into laughter.


"Zeena." "Yes, Mami?" "Listen to me. Your father sent me a message. He mentioned returning to Haidar's house. He said he didn't have to. Since what happened with Haidar's parents, he doesn't want to stay with Jiya's daughter." "Because he had to go to the hospital yesterday. When you said, 'I'm not coming back. I won't go back now,' you've forgotten what we discussed. May God guide you. I pray that God guides everyone to their destiny," she said softly. When the time came, she added, "Well, may God make it happen." Zeena couldn't stop laughing and said, "Ameen." Then she went back to school, and her mother got up and entered the room.

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