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ZAZZAFAR KAUNA Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZAZZAFAR KAUNA


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Author: Mhiz Innocent ,

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ZAZZAFAR KAUNA Complete Document Written By Mhiz Innocent


The scene unfolds at 7 pm on a Friday night, with Ayrah seated in front of a mirror, holding a small phone. A warm smile graces her beautiful face. Her serenity is interrupted by a woman from the courtyard who opens the curtains and asks if she's still waiting for her father.

Ayrah responds with a charming smile, acknowledging her wait. After about 10 minutes, she hears her father's greetings from the courtyard, prompting her to put down the phone and go out to welcome him. Ayrah, about 19 years old, is described as tall, with big eyes, a long thin nose, and red lips. She wears a long black dress, leaving her head uncovered.

She excitedly shares news with her father and mother (Umma) about meeting someone named Raj. However, her joy is short-lived when her father expresses disapproval. Ayrah pleads with her father, revealing her desire to marry Raj.

Her father vehemently opposes the idea, declaring that Ayrah will never marry Raj. The emotional exchange leaves Ayrah in tears. Despite her tearful pleas, her father remains firm in his decision. Umma, seemingly caught in the middle, doesn't intervene.

Distraught, Ayrah calls Raj, and their conversation reveals that her father's objection is rooted in a deep disapproval of Raj. Ayrah, emotionally drained, is left questioning her father's stance, while Raj contemplates the unfolding situation.

The narrative takes a turn to Raj's perspective, depicting him preparing for the night. He receives Ayrah's call, discovering her distress. Raj tries to comfort her, promising to talk to her father. The conversation ends with Ayrah expressing her love for Raj.

Raj decides to confront Ayrah's father, Alhaji Kabeer, about the situation. The story shifts back to Ayrah, who awaits her father's decision with a heavy heart. Alhaji Kabeer, seemingly unyielding, leaves Ayrah in emotional turmoil.

Meanwhile, Raj attempts to address Ayrah's father, hoping to find a resolution. The narrative creates suspense around the reasons for Alhaji Kabeer's strong objection to Ayrah and Raj's relationship.

The story leaves readers intrigued, eagerly awaiting the next developments in this emotional tale of love, family, and societal expectations.

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