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GANTALALLIYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by GANTALALLIYA


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I observed a black Benz E350 pulling up to a small house. The security guard rushed to open the gate as the car came to a stop.

The owner stepped out of the car, exchanged quick greetings with the driver, and then approached the guard.

"Good morning, is the lady still inside or has she gone out?" he inquired as he retrieved his bag from the back seat.

"Oh dear, you've been away for a while. A woman came to see them, and they both left together, but they haven't returned yet," the guard replied, raising his hand in acknowledgment. "Thank you; you may go."

The man entered the house, his mood shifting as he did so. He went straight to his room, shutting the door behind him. Overwhelmed by frustration, he appeared on the verge of tears and quite hungry.

He tidied up his room and then headed to the kitchen in search of something to eat. When he examined the gas cooker, he noticed it was on, emitting a high level of heat. It hadn't been used since it was purchased. He grabbed a small pot, filled it with water, and hoped it would cook.

Opening the fridge to check for leftover soup, he was hit by a strong odor that made him immediately retch. He rushed to turn off the gas and quickly left the kitchen.

Leaning against the kitchen door, he began to feel dizzy. Someone was trying to hold him up, and he allowed it, barely making it to his room. He went to the bathroom, took a shower, and started to feel a little better.

He grabbed his car keys and left without bringing the car back in. Instead, he took a red car with tinted windows. He only stopped at Chicken Castle, where he had sakwar and ahusi soup. Although he was eating, his heart remained heavy. He finished and returned home around 6 pm, but she still hadn't returned, so he contemplated calling her but eventually decided against it.

He lay on his bed, appearing as though he was sleeping, but his mind was racing with thoughts.

She didn't return home until around 10 pm.

Buzubuzu, her arrival creating a ruckus, walked into the house. She chewed gum and declared, "I'm not like other women; we're different."

She tossed her handbag into her room, then discarded her clothes haphazardly in the middle of the room. She put on a long nightgown, seemingly with no purpose, and went about her business as usual.

Climbing onto her untidy bed, she called a friend who didn't answer. Tired, she set the blanket aside and got in bed.

When Shikuma heard her arrive, he couldn't resist getting up and following her to her room. Although he entered with apparent anger, he abruptly stopped when he heard a loud crash in front of him. He calmly moved closer to investigate.

"Ah, Bintu! You'll be the death of me one day if you're not careful," he scolded her, but she remained silent, seemingly indifferent. "Don't I even get to ask where you've been or who you were with?!" He shook his head before muttering, "God help you." She simply replied, "It's just a stupid job; I'll tell you in the morning." 

Salalo Salalo left her room and returned to his own, pondering why he found her so alluring. Why couldn't he resist her, even when he tried to? Why was he so in love with her? As he drifted off to sleep, he found himself without answers to these questions.

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