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KARAYAR ARZIKI Complete Hausa Novel Document by KARAYAR ARZIKI


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Author: Billyn Abdul ,

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KARAYAR ARZIKI Complete Document Written By Billyn Abdul


The atmosphere in the house was tense as Umar Fharuq prepared some documents on the edge of the bed. Lubna, visibly upset, scolded him, calling him by his full name, "Umar Fharuq!" It was evident that their relationship was troubled.

Umar remained focused on his task, ignoring Lubna's angry words. She continued to express her frustration, accusing him of neglecting their children's education and causing chaos in their lives since he married a girl from the village.

Lubna's emotions escalated as she confronted Umar, who seemed unfazed and kept his attention on the papers he was gathering. She insisted on her rights to the house and inheritance for their children. Umar shook his head and calmly replied that he had the right to manage the house as the father.

Their argument continued until Umar decided to leave. Sauri, who was panting, rushed to stop him and asked why he didn't tell her who the "crazy woman" was. Umar remained silent and tried to pass by her, but Sauri slapped him in anger.

He turned to her and asked if she wanted to fight him. Sauri, realizing her actions were futile, smiled weakly and mentioned someone named "Asma'u," referring to a possible plan for revenge.

In another scene, Shikam entered a hall, finding it empty except for the smell of the air conditioner. A woman named Asma'u greeted her with a smile and informed her that she should prepare to stay at the house for two days.

Asma'u's pleasant demeanor brought tears to Shikam's eyes. She asked why Asma'u sold the house, to which Asma'u replied with affectionate words, expressing her love and care.

In a separate conversation between Zarah and Xoxo, they discussed a person named Billy Nimafa and the problems in their houses. They laughed and shared their thoughts about handling the situation.

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