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KUNGIYAR ASIRI Complete Hausa Novel Document by KUNGIYAR ASIRI


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In the kitchen, a woman, not older than thirty-five, was busy chopping ingredients as if she were in a race against time.

"Mami!" she called out loudly. "Why haven't you responded to my name all this time?"

The little girl, no older than ten, smiled with relief and replied, "Mum, you know what?"

"No, you have to tell me!"

"I just had this strange thought," she began. "I imagined the knife in your hand plunging into your heart, and I pulled it out forcefully, blood gushing. I imagined eating the contents of your stomach as food and drinking the blood like water!" With that, she burst into an eerie and unusual laughter.

Startled by her daughter's words, Zainab clutched her head in her hands and screamed. Her husband, Muhammad, who had been in the living room, rushed into the kitchen, asking, "Are you okay, sweetheart?"

Tears streamed down Mami's face as she shook her head.

Filled with concern, Muhammad hugged his daughter and inquired, "What happened, my love?"

Dariya continued laughing hysterically and repeated her macabre thoughts about using the knife on her mother.

"Subhanallah, don't ever think such dark thoughts again. It's not helpful at all. Did you hear your mother?" Muhammad said, genuinely surprised. He held back tears as he continued, "Please don't say that, my dear. Every time you want to act on your impulses, it's my duty to guide you away from harm."

Dariya broke into tears and said, "I really don't believe that, Daddy. Every time I want to do what my heart desires, you stop me!"

"Shhhh! Don't say that," Muhammad reassured her. "Your heart may not always lead you in the right direction. Now, let's change our clothes and go out for ice cream, alright?" he suggested, trying to lift her spirits.

Dariya's face lit up with joy. "Yay! That's why I love you, Daddy, because you love me. And when I join the *SECRET GROUP*, I won't drink your blood, just as you promised!" With that, she dashed off to her room.

Zainab couldn't contain her distress and burst into tears. The fear that her daughter's condition instilled in her was overwhelming. She wondered aloud, "Do you think she's saying these things to join the *SECRET GROUP*?" Her heart ached with worry.

Muhammad hugged her tightly, gently caressing her back. He comforted her, saying, "Don't think like that, Zainab. My love, Mami's condition is troubling, but with Allah's permission, nothing will harm her, do you understand?"

Just then, they heard Dariya approaching, her appearance transformed. She wore a long dress that fell just below her knees, her headscarf neatly tied in the middle. A moment of silence ensued as they gazed at their daughter with love and affection.

They exchanged smiles, and Muhammad complimented her, "My angel, you look incredibly beautiful."

"Thank you, Daddy," she replied. Muhammad took her hand and asked, "Sweetheart, are you ready to go?"

Dariya simply raised her hand in response, her heart still heavy with the strange thoughts from earlier. As they got into the car, the engine started, but it seemed like they hadn't moved at all.

Dariya turned off the gas stove, returned to the kitchen, and sat down, tears streaming down her face as she reminisced about their past.

Zainab Shanono, named after her origin, had parents from Kazaure. They held a secret that enabled them to provide her with an excellent education, including university studies.

Fate brought Zainab together with Muhammad at a national place of worship in Abuja, where their deep love story began. Their union led to a grand celebration, and Zainab was accepted into Muhammad's family.

Their first major challenge was infertility, which raised concerns among Muhammad's family members. Despite early indifference, they soon became troubled by their inability to conceive.

Years passed, and the couple's worries deepened. Family pressure intensified, and Muhammad's mother urged him to divorce Zainab and marry someone who could provide him with a child, threatening to curse him otherwise. The couple endured immense suffering during this period.

In the fifth year of their marriage, with no news of a pregnancy, Muhammad's sister, Dr. Faiza, a senior gynecologist working for UNICEF in Abuja, advised them to seek treatment elsewhere, as their chances of finding a solution in Abuja were limited.

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