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TARTSATSIN WUTA Complete Hausa Novel Document by TARTSATSIN WUTA


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Author: Aliyu Ishaq First Class ,

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TARTSATSIN WUTA Hausa Novel by Aliyu Ishaq

Tartsatsin Wuta hausa novel is a gripping and intense Hausa adventure novel written by Aliyu Ishaq First Class. The novel is centered around a young man named Dizlan Ibn Kailur who finds himself caught in a web of intrigue and danger in the ancient city of Kisra.




Description of TARTSATSIN WUTA Hausa Novel

The story begins with Dizlan being dragged into a world of political intrigue and subterfuge when the tyrannical ruler of Kisra, is overthrown by a mysterious assassin. Dizlan is caught up in the chaos and finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse as he tries to uncover the identity of the killer and prevent further bloodshed.

As the story unfolds, Dizlan is forced to confront his own fears and weaknesses as he battles to survive in a world that is both brutal and unforgiving. Along the way, he meets a host of interesting characters, including the enigmatic and powerful Sarki Dizlan, a skilled warrior and sorcerer who becomes both his mentor and his nemesis.

The novel is well-written and engaging, with a strong and complex plot that keeps the reader hooked from start to finish. The characters are well-developed and multi-dimensional, with each one bringing their own unique personality and perspective to the story.


Once upon a time, long ago in the Arab Empire, before the reign of Pharaoh, there was a cruel king in the city of Kisra, named Dizlan Ibn Kailur.

King Dizlan is famous in the field of tyranny, he is a warrior in front of the comparison who holds men in his hand like he hold hen, and has the power of magic that magicians at this time confirm that there wasn't any wizard that could defeat him.

The neighboring countries are afraid of him and give him everything he needs because they know it is not good to baffle with him, as he is the strong and powerful king of that time.

He only is one man army, he battle with country killed thier men and take thier women as slaves, at the end kill the king, and raped his wifes.

King Dizland has one bad habit that if he sees a beutiful lady, in any way he must possess her, kidnap her and rape her at the end.

He has only one wife, her name is Seema, since he married her, it was three times that they had an affair with each other, as per his rules, he can't go back to human twice, but in her case he do it thrice, because of that Seema start cheating on him on his back without his knowledge, she start calling her men skave to satisfy her needs.

Among the king's servants, there is one servant who he trusted him so much that he gave him all his trust, the servant was called Rakib.

Rakib is in charge of the Queen Sima's side and one day he went to clean her bed, but when she saw that there was no one in the room, she followed him to the room without him knowing. She locked the door and looked like a vision came to where he was sitting on the side of the bed and looked at him through the window as his body twitched and smiled and said

Calm down, Rakib, i didn't come here to hurt you or something , I am asking you for some help, in great surprise, Rakib looked at the princess and said

Princess, what kind of service do you want?

She smiled and said, "At least everything that happens to me, my husband doesn't take care of my affairs. He doesn't care about my needs. It's been a year since we got married, but he has approached me three times and I have the strength and big feeling ." I have been sitting for hours and crying because I don't know where to go to the king.

He looked at her in great fear and said, "Oh, you are a princess, don't you know what you are saying? If this thing becomes clear, I won't even listen to it. It will affect the children of our descendants. I am the one who is begging you to I'm sorry for what you say I did

Name TARTSATSIN WUTA Hausa Novel Complete
Author Aliyu IShaq
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