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HAKA NAKE SANKI Complete Hausa Novel Document by HAKA NAKE SANKI


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Author: Fatima Aminu Ya'u ,

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She hurried towards the ground, oblivious to the fact that evening had descended upon her. As she turned around, she unexpectedly encountered him, and her heart seemed to stumble. Morning's rush had left her no time to contemplate her feelings.

Upon entering her home, she skipped the customary greeting and found the man gazing out of the window. She inquired about his presence. Their conversation was interrupted when Malan Muktar approached, offering unsolicited advice. It was suggested that he disrobe and visit Hajiya Karima. Umma then retreated to her room, searching for something in her bag.

She remembered a moment when he had stood here before her, beginning to falter as if he were on the doorstep of her house. No sign from the window, she proceeded to the designated spot, but the nearby guard opened the door.

After conversing for a while, Aisha approached the entrance of her home, expressing her contentment. They bid farewell, and she ventured inside.

Confusion plagued his thoughts concerning his children. He seemed to forget everything, and despite the myriad complaints at home and work, he followed his heart. She had advised him to mend his ways, but he seemed incapable.

She had anticipated a pleasant day today, but she hadn't crossed paths with the wizard. She mused that the devil must be steering her soul; she hadn't even reached the street when she sensed his presence. That's why the devil's charm lured her away, and as she hurriedly moved, he emerged. She didn't even know his name, nor did she wait for him to respond.

Hearing voices in the distance, she offered an apology as Vanjika remained upstairs and handed him his money. Reflecting on her actions, she asked him to stop and acknowledge the greeting.

Two weeks had passed since she last saw him on the road, and she had grown concerned. She desired to see him and offer an apology. The only thing etched in her memory was his face, with a warm morning smile.

Lying in her room, staring at the ceiling fan, she contemplated her feelings for Vilkisu. Regret washed over her, and she thought of Khadija or Kiyara, or questioned if she should trust her heart's convictions. Tears welled up, and she whispered to herself, "By God, I'm in love, but with whom, I don't know. I promise to let go. I don't love him, he doesn't love me. He loves me, yet his heart provides no clear answer, and it seems he no longer knows me. They didn't allow him to marry me."

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