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RAYUWAR MADINA PART 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by RAYUWAR MADINA PART 1


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Author: Nafisat Isma'il Lawal ,

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RAYUWAR MADINA PART 1 Complete Document Written By Nafisat Ismail Lawal



Nestled within the bustling town of Zaria, lies a small village abundant with vibrant resources and fertile farmlands. The locals rely on farming for sustenance and livelihood, cultivating a variety of crops that flourish in the rich soil. Their close-knit community flourishes with an abundance of water from nearby streams, fostering prosperous harvests during both the rainy and summer seasons.

While the village has thrived agriculturally, it remains steeped in traditional customs, holding fast to certain cultural practices that are akin to religious beliefs. Education beyond basic Arabic studies is largely uncommon, with a strong emphasis on early marriages, particularly for young girls at the tender age of 13.

One prominent house stands out in the village, belonging to the late Malam Umaru, a respected figure and the patriarch of a large family. Malam Umaru and his wife Fadime were blessed with thirteen children, all of whom were born and raised in the family home. Today, Malam Abubakar, fondly known as Baba Sasa, leads the household, overseeing his four wives and their children, some of whom are married or engaged in business activities within the village and Zaria.

Malam Ali, also known as Baffa, is another significant figure in the community, managing his household with two wives and their children. Tragically, Malam Sule, the third child in the family, passed away at a young age, leaving behind two children before his wife remarried in Zaria.

The village upholds certain cultural traditions despite the evolving landscape of modernization. The practice of female circumcision, deeply embedded within the community, remains a source of contention and concern. While some continue to view it as a vital cultural rite, others denounce it as a violation of human rights and a risk to the physical and mental well-being of young girls. The community associates female circumcision with religious practice, particularly within the context of Islam, despite the lack of clear scriptural evidence justifying the act.

As the village continues to navigate the intersection of tradition and modernity, the debate surrounding female circumcision persists, with both proponents and critics advocating for their respective viewpoints.

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