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YAR MAFIYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by YAR MAFIYA


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Author: Rasheeda A Kardam ,

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The tall young woman appeared as if she were from royal blood, her age no more than twenty-three or twenty-four. Her presence demanded attention, despite not being conventionally beautiful. Her face possessed a certain allure that captivated onlookers. However, today, her countenance was marred by extreme sadness.

As we observed her, it became evident that her mood had drastically shifted. She abruptly left the living room and retreated to her room at the end of the corridor, shutting the door behind her. Inside, she began to emit sounds reminiscent of a hungry male lion preparing for a hunt.

Startled, I turned to Sanah and whispered, "Look at how she's behaving. I feel like running away, I'm so scared, and I fear the worst."

Sanah leaned in closer, her eyes filled with concern, and replied, "I'm as afraid as you are, Rash. Do you see anything unusual around her? Why do I feel this dread?"

I took Sanah's hand, and we cautiously approached the window of her room. Peering inside, I felt a surge of fear welling up, and I was about to scream when Sanah quickly covered my mouth.

Suddenly, her palm began to emit a fiery light, and her clothes turned a fiery red. In a spine-chilling voice, she said, "Father, why have you done this? Is there no end to the danger in this matter? Will Yasar become entangled in this predicament too? I fear that if Samar learns of this, you will lose Yasar."

Terrified, Sanah and I exchanged worried glances. "Rash, what's happening?" she whispered urgently. Without responding, I grabbed her hand, and we retreated to the living room.

As we were about to leave the room, we overheard an old man speaking to Yasar, "May God bless you. I know you won't let us down."

Yasar, lying on the ground, replied, "Ameen Abba." He bowed once more and said, "I'll head home and start the night shift."

The old man nodded with respect. "Then go, Yasar, and stay safe."

With that, Yasar departed and got into his car, driving away to his home. We followed him to the gate (garage), closed it behind him, and returned to our car.

As we sat inside, we could hear strange noises from the living room. It sounded like footsteps, and then a series of eerie sounds, as if a thunderstorm mixed with lightning was erupting in the house. Anyone who could would have quickly retreated, but we gathered our courage and decided to investigate.

We entered the house, our nerves on edge, and proceeded to the closed door of the living room. Suddenly, we heard a haunting sound – tass! Tass!! Tass!!! It was as though fire and lightning mixed with thunder were echoing through the room.

Fear gripped us, and we turned to leave, attempting to cover our escape as bravely as we could. Just then, by the door of the room, we saw a faint light and noticed bloody footprints leading away from it. We hesitated, torn between the urge to go back or move forward.

Then, as we contemplated our options, we heard laughter and saw a young girl approaching us. She waved her hands as if in a gesture of welcome, her eyes filled with tears of blood, and her mouth oozing the same crimson liquid. Her abdomen twisted unnaturally, and it seemed as though blood was swirling within her.

Caught in a moment of confusion, we couldn't decide whether to retreat or advance. She continued to laugh before suddenly disappearing and darting down the stairs.

Panic set in, and I found myself unable to pray, my mind racing. In times like these, I couldn't help but wonder how different this era had become, forgetting even the simple prayers the Prophet had taught us, like those from when I entered the bathroom until I left the house. In these moments, one could only hope for divine protection.

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