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YAR JAMIA Complete Hausa Novel Document by YAR JAMIA


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Hello Daddy, Tane's sudden entrance interrupted Daddy and Umma's conversation, drawing their attention to her. Daddy's laughter was contagious, and it made her giggle as she leaned further into Umma's embrace. She was practically quivering with excitement, as if she might burst into tears of joy.


"We had a lecture, you know, my morals, as I know," Daddy began, "I told you yesterday that you went to the airport to pay your father's fine, but you should listen and understand that this school is different from the previous one."


Hajara, still caught up in her happiness, got up from Umma's lap and started stomping her feet on the ground, exclaiming, "Daddy, do you see her?"


Daddy gently took her hand, and together they made their way upstairs. They struggled to enter his room, as it seemed difficult for them to fit through the door.


"Daddy," he said with a playful smile, "close your eyes and accept your gift. But you know you're not allowed to peek."


Hajara obediently closed her eyes and replied, "I'm closed."


Daddy took something from his pocket and placed it into her hand. She opened her eyes and found a check for five hundred thousand naira.


"Daddy, did my son buy this for my birthday?" she exclaimed in disbelief.


Before heading to school, she joyfully hugged Daddy and said, "I'm so happy you came back, Daddy. 'Wooo!'" That's what she exclaimed as she hugged him tightly. "Daddy, bye. There's no one in town, but please take care of the men in your bag before you open the door," she added with a grin. Hajara quickly placed the check in her bag and said goodbye to Daddy before heading to the door. She didn't cross the threshold or speak until Daddy reminded her that she was on her way. She smiled at her father, fully aware of the wonderful gift he had given her, then decided to turn and open the car door.


Now, the part about beauty is intriguing. She was clearly excited and went to her car, laughing to herself as she opened her bag, retrieved her keys, unlocked the car, and got inside. She seemed to be in high spirits, thinking about how she could impress all the guys at school. Today, it appeared she might attract some attention, whether she wanted it or not.


Then, she called me, and I quickly picked up the phone as she eagerly said, "Wherever you are right now, come out and stand at the school gate today. There's something..."

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