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WATA KISHIYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by WATA KISHIYA


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Author: Sa'adatu Bintu Abdullahi ,

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WATA KISHIYA  Complete Document Written By Sa'adatu Bin Abdallah


*Kaduna town, Anguwar Dosa GRA*

The spacious and stunning living room is a sight to behold, with three sets of exquisite chairs and an unimaginable design that exceeds the bounds of my imagination. The sheer beauty and design of this living room are beyond my comprehension, as I have never encountered such opulence. The room is adorned with luxurious furniture, each set displaying its unique beauty and color scheme.

The first set, upon entering through the front door, is a charming mint color with a heart-shaped design. Sunsha throw pillows in modern peach and milk colors complement the set. The second set, in an attractive peach color, is equally captivating. The design of these chairs is a testament to their exceptional beauty, with sunsha throw pillows in mint and milk color. The third set, in a regal royal color, surpasses the traditional royal aesthetic with its natural beauty. Throws pillows in mint and peach colors add to their allure.

The dining area is neat and tidy, matching the mint color theme. Flowers in mint, peach, and milk colors adorn the sides of the dining chairs. Tormented lamps illuminate the living room, adding a touch of elegance. Despite the multiple sets of chairs, the living room doesn't feel crowded. Adding two more sets would enhance the space even further.

Considerable investment has been made in the living room's decor, with even the egg lamp being a testament to its opulence. Gold and diamond accents adorn the furnishings, creating a lavish environment. A large TV on one wall seamlessly blends into the room, appearing as if it were custom-made for the space. The floor features intricate tiles in a mix of milk, peach, and mint colors.

In the center of the seating arrangement, a matching carpet enhances the overall aesthetic. The living room is draped with breathtaking mint-colored curtains adorned with drops of milk and peach. It is truly a masterpiece of design and luxury.

The air conditioning in the living room is top-notch, seamlessly integrated into the walls, providing an invisible yet effective cooling effect. The AC and Weather mode offer warmth in cold weather and cooling relief in hot weather. The living room is a sanctuary of comfort and elegance, leaving observers in awe of its beauty. The individuals responsible for crafting this living space are undoubtedly experts in their field.

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