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WAKE DAYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by WAKE DAYA


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Wake Daya hausa novel by Mom Islam is a powerful novel that tells the story of a man who is considered crazy by the people in his town.

Despite being born in the town, the protagonist faces rejection and disbelief from his family and community, who refuse to believe in his abilities. However, the protagonist's determination and creativity lead him to build a crazy building that is so long it could be considered a museum. Along with this, he has four wives who are not allowed to go out.

The protagonist's character is complex and multi-dimensional, and the author does an excellent job of portraying his journey. The reader is drawn into his world, as he faces countless challenges, from the rejection of his family to the ridicule of his community. However, his determination to build the crazy building is a testament to his resilience and creativity, and the reader is left wondering about the inspiration behind his work.

The protagonist's four wives are also intriguing characters, as they are forced to live in a world that is largely restricted to their home. The author explores the impact of the protagonist's behavior on his wives and children, as they struggle to understand and cope with his erratic behavior and the restrictions placed upon them. The wives are also shown to have their own personalities, desires, and motivations, despite their limited freedoms.

One of the key themes in Wake Daya hausa novel is the impact of societal expectations on individual behavior.

The protagonist is rejected and ridiculed by his family and community, which leads to his being considered crazy. However, his determination and creativity prove his detractors wrong, and he is able to build something that is both impressive and meaningful. The novel challenges the reader to question their own assumptions about what is considered normal or crazy, and to consider the importance of individuality and creativity in society.

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Another theme that is explored in the novel is the complexity of relationships, particularly in a polygamous context. The protagonist's four wives are shown to have their own personalities, desires, and motivations, despite being restricted in their freedoms. The novel explores the challenges of navigating such complex relationships, including jealousy, competition, and misunderstandings. The author does an excellent job of portraying the nuances of these relationships, and the impact that they have on the protagonist's family and home life.

<h2> Prologue </h2>

In Shocked, she knelt in front of Inna Meramu. She said, "Oh , Mother, be patient and help me, don't throw me into this water where I could die."

Tears streamed down her cheeks like a faucet had been turned on.

Out of pity and not knowing the value of human life, Inna Meramu looked out the place, saw there wasn't any one that looking her, So she threw Hanan into the river.

Inna Meramu turned around and ran screaming for help. When she reached the door of the house, she fell in front of Mr. Junaidu and said, "I didn't see Hanan since morning.

Malam Junaidu stood up and said "Sitting here didn't see me, I have to go to town to look for her"

Then he stopped and looked at Inna Meramu and said, "but then I heard like Halliru the shopkeeper said, He saw her selling rice?"

Inna Meramu started to create words to defend herself before she said "uhm ma'am what do you mean?"

He didn't stop to hear what she had to say and went to town looking for Hanan.

He asked everyone he saw on the road if he had seen Hanan. They said they had not seen her.

He walked for five hundred meters but he did not even see Hanan, he sat down at the foot of a tree and fought his sweat before he said "where did this girl go?, as far as I know she doesn't usually go far from home. , God show me where I can see her"

He stood up and continued walking tiredly. In the evening, he returned home and found Aunt Meramu doing ablution, he also took the kettle with the intention of performing the ablution.

When he entered, he was taken away and thrown aside like laundry. He cried and perform SALATI and said, "Oh Allah, Meramu do you know the situation I am in?"

She raised her head from the stove and ran until she was leaning against the wall and said, "Malam, did you step on their children?"

She ran outside screaming for help,

In an instant, Halliru, the shopkeeper, heard her screams and came running saying, "Inna meramu, what's going on?"

She raised her hand and shouted, "It's the Malam who fell in the bathroom, help me get him out."

Halliru entered the house and went to the bathroom. In determination, he brought him out, Inna Meramu spread the mat and started to favor him,

"Call Malam?" Halliru said looking at Inna Meramu,

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