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Mage Complete Hausa Novel Document by Mage


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Added On: 04, Apr 2023

Author: Sajida ,

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Author Group : Taurarin Marubatan Niger

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Category: Horror novels

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MAGE is a Hausa novel written by Sajida that offers a unique take on human behavior by comparing it to that of cats. The novel's star, is portrayed as having cat-like characteristics, which adds a fun and interesting twist to the story.

The novel is well-written and engaging, with vivid descriptions of the various characters and their actions.

The comparison between human and cat behavior is cleverly executed, and it adds an extra layer of depth to the story that makes it stand out from other Hausa novels.

One of the things that I appreciated about MAGE was the way that Sajida explores the complex relationships between the characters.

The interactions between the star and her family members are particularly interesting, as they reveal the various ways in which family dynamics can be both supportive and challenging.

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Another strength of the novel is its attention to detail.

Sajida does an excellent job of describing the various settings and environments that the characters find themselves in, which helps to bring the story to life and make it feel more real.

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