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WASIKAR JINI 1 to 8 Complete Hausa Novel Document by WASIKAR JINI 1 to 8


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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Once upon a time, in the distant kingdom of Arab countries, there reigned a king named Aiyuba Ibinin Silhar. Scholars and historians of that age have confirmed that there was no other king in the world who could match King Aiyuba in terms of riches and the power of magic. However, this wealth and magical prowess did not make him a benevolent ruler or a strong warrior; instead, it turned him into a monstrous figure who struck fear into the hearts of all the kings on the continent. Regardless of the size or bravery of the armies sent against him, King Aiyuba would make them drink defeat.

King Aiyuba had one wife named Hufaira, who had married him when he was still a young man with dreams of greatness, long before he ascended to the throne. He had accumulated wealth through his own efforts and was not born into privilege. God had not blessed King Aiyuba and Hufaira with children for a year after his ascension to the throne. However, once his eyes were opened to the vastness of his kingdom and business affairs, they realized that their influence extended to all corners of the world, from Arab countries to European lands and even reaching the distant cities of China.

Every farm, house, and market stall bore the seal of King Aiyuba Ibn Silhar. All his subjects recognized this seal, depicting a camel, a map, and a sword. These symbols signified his authority over all kinds of commerce and trade. His wealth was managed by his children, who kept a watchful eye over it. Anyone who dared to embezzle or steal from him would face dire consequences, including painful diseases and calamities until they repented and returned what they had taken.

King Aiyuba was known for his fairness, rewarding his children for their service as appropriate. Those who served him faithfully for a year would be elevated from poverty to wealth. The first year of his reign brought another blessing—a daughter named Nuwaira. Although King Aiyuba had hoped for a male heir to succeed him, he was overjoyed with his daughter.

For seventy days, they celebrated the birth of Princess Nuwaira, and kings and sorcerers from all over the world joined the festivities. Beggars, too, benefited from this celebration as they received generous offerings. Some beggars went mad with the wealth they received, while others cried at their missed opportunities.

After seventy days of celebration, the visitors returned to their countries, but the story of Princess Nuwaira's birth continued to spread, becoming a legend throughout the world. Many sought to learn about King Aiyuba's wealth and riches, but he kept his treasures hidden.

It was said that whenever King Aiyuba needed wealth, be it dinars, pearls, or the like, he would easily acquire it from one city, and people could witness his wealth firsthand. Even though some were eager to find his hidden treasure, King Aiyuba remained elusive, and the legends of his wealth and power persisted.

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