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TASKAR AJALI Complete Hausa Novel Document by TASKAR AJALI


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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TASKAR AJALI Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


A young girl, around one year old, named Tara, possessed an extraordinary beauty that could captivate any man who laid eyes on her. Dressed in tight leather pants and carrying a sword on her back, she exuded charisma that drew the attention of everyone in the market.

As she walked confidently through the market, people couldn't help but stare at her in awe. Many were curious about her background and wondered what brought her to their town. Tara seemed to carry herself like a hero, driven by some mysterious purpose. The market came to a standstill as people couldn't help but watch her every move.

As she explored the market, Tara noticed some people following her, intrigued by her enigmatic presence. She smiled but didn't seem bothered by the attention. Inside the market, she met a young man named Mujahid, who, despite his initial hesitation, was drawn to her. Tara questioned him about a stolen item, and he confessed, fearful of her sword.

However, Tara decided not to harm him, seeing potential in him. She asked him about his journey, and he revealed that they had crossed three countries to reach the market. Impressed by Mujahid's honesty, Tara invited him to share a meal with her.

They went to a food seller's booth, and Tara told the woman, Yazirina, to bring them specific dishes. Yazirina recognized Tara's identity and was elated that her money had been returned. Tara and Mujahid enjoyed their meal together.

After the meal, Mujahid expressed curiosity about Tara's quest and her intention to go to the Treasure Cave of Ajali. Tara explained that this cave held vast wealth and magical secrets, guarded by demons. She possessed a map to the cave, divided into three parts.

Tara then disclosed that she was born of magical circumstances, taken care of by the witch Salmara. She revealed that she needed to go to a place called Darul Azmin, near the end of the world, where her destiny awaited. She warned Mujahid not to follow her, as it would only bring misfortune.

Mujahid, captivated by Tara, insisted on accompanying her despite the warning. He wanted to be part of her journey, even if it meant facing unimaginable challenges. As they left the market, Mujahid noticed a mysterious man on a white horse following them.

Tara and Mujahid embarked on their journey together, guided by the man on the white horse. They reached a place known as the Moon Forest, where Basma, a servant, tended to them. Basma and Tara formed a close bond, and Basma's life was transformed by her encounter with Tara.

As the days passed, Basma experienced a life she had never known before. She no longer had to worry about mundane tasks as the maids attended to her every need. Despite the luxury, Basma couldn't shake the feeling of emptiness and regret for what she left behind.

One day, Basma fell severely ill and was tended to by an old woman. As she recovered, the old woman spoke of how they fought to find Basma, and she revealed that they were followers of Boka Salmara. The old woman hinted at Basma's role as a hero and the connection to the Treasure Cave of Ajali.

Basma's curiosity grew, and she realized that her destiny was intertwined with Tara's and the legendary cave. Despite the allure of this mysterious journey, Basma couldn't help but feel a sense of melancholy as she grappled with her new identity and the path she had chosen to follow.

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