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GUDUN TSIRA Complete Hausa Novel Document by GUDUN TSIRA


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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GUDUN TSIRA Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


There is a caravan belonging to a particular tribe known as BAN HANZAR. Leading this tribe is the revered warrior and leader named SHARWAN IBN KILYIN. The tribe originates from the western city of Kisra. Their lives revolve around the search for water to sustain their animals and for hunting. Research and speculation confirm that no other people exist in the world who possess the Banu Hanzar tribe's unique ability to breed and hunt.

The Banu Hanzar tribe has resided in the desert since their inception, even before the establishment of the city of Kisra. Over time, their numbers have continued to grow. They are known for their heroic and skilled warriors, making them a formidable force against robbers and attackers who dare to cross their path.

However, a cruel king by the name of THE RUINS IBN MAULAS sought to exploit the Banu Hanzar tribe, imposing exorbitant taxes on them, forcing them to remain within the boundaries of his kingdom. King Ruguzan did not subject the tribe to the same treatment, as he recognized the potential danger they posed. He feared that these mighty warriors would one day rise against him and seize the throne.

At present, President Sharwan, the leader of the tribe, is accompanied by his daughter, Siyama. Siyama possesses remarkable courage and displays a fearlessness surpassing even her father's. She has a compassionate heart, particularly towards the blind. Siyama's exceptional qualities and beauty have caught the attention of many suitors within the tribe. However, she rejects them all, believing none to be worthy of her hand.

One day, in the solitude of his tent, President Sharwan called for Siyama's presence. He revealed his concerns, expressing his desire for the family's lineage to remain unbroken and the tribe to continue under their rule. Sharwan questioned whether their noble bloodline would fade away if Siyama remained unmarried. Siyama smiled and responded, assuring her father that she understood his wishes.

Siyama explained that the men of the tribe all loved her, captivated by her beauty and her position as the president's daughter. Yet, she vowed never to marry a man who merely sought her for these reasons. Instead, she yearned for true love, one that transcended appearance and status. Siyama had never consented to marriage, waiting until she found someone who genuinely loved her for who she was.

The Banu Hanzar tribe lived in peace, without concerns of external threats or the oppressive rule of the city's king. President Sharwan agreed with Siyama's sentiments, acknowledging that their tribe was not prepared to face King Ruzuzan's formidable warriors. Engaging in battle with them would result in dire consequences, as their military forces far outnumbered their own.

Sharwan proposed that they convene a meeting with the tribe's elders and members of parliament to discuss the matter and make a decision collectively. Siyama listened silently, understanding the weight of the situation. When the meeting finally took place, lasting over seven hours, each member voiced their opinions. It was then that an elderly man named Wamhas, renowned for his wisdom and advanced age, raised his hand to speak.

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