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TANA RAINA Complete Hausa Novel Document by TANA RAINA


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1-2 She was walking and playing with a stick in her hand while singing her song, she saw three men in front of her, the adults were looking at her from the top to the bottom and they were winking. One of them raised his nikaf. on her face ???? they all stood and saw the beauty that God has done for the girl, then he took off his niqaf and started touching her hand, she quickly pushed his hand away and turned around and ran away ???????? they laughed a lot and started She ran away, soon they caught her and she started crying and asking you son of God to leave me. When she saw that she was going to gather people for them, the other one tied her mouth and took her to the desert and placed her on the grass. He took off his clothes, she was shaking and crying and she was sorry for them with her hands, she was not in the mood to talk, but I was naked and she moved her head to the side and put her hands on her chest, he looked at her hand and untied her. Her white hair, which has no spots, is shining, he took off her pant and hugged her, then she felt a man fall on her as if from the sky, while her hair covered the girl's eyes, she couldn't see anything but the hair, it seems that she is a woman. she fell down while the back of the woman was on the body of the girl, and this man started raping the woman while he was seeing the face of this beautiful girl, and the girl heard the man moaning with pleasure but he did not touch her body at all. after he was satisfied that the other two also came and he raped all three of them and the woman was crying in pain, all of them were crying including the girl, the people only saw the face of the girl and she was crying but they didn't see this woman, she was the girl she only sees the woman. After they finished raping her, the woman stood up to the girl and said, take off your pants and put on your clothes and cry, and even when you stand up, you moan as if you are being raped. I am telling you that you are the only one who sleeps and sees me. I am sorry for the blood of my son on your body. She disappeared like a fairy ???? the people said you are a beautiful girl, you are really very sweet, they don't know how much you know, we will take you to your house but on one condition, if you tell the family members, we will kill you even if your parents come out with all three of them, ????at that time she came to her senses and remembered what the woman had told her.

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