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SARKIN SARAKAI Complete Hausa Novel Document by SARKIN SARAKAI


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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SARKIN SARAKAI Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


Once upon a time, in a faraway city of Egypt, there reigned a famous and wealthy king named Sahibul Hairi. He was known for his generosity and benevolence towards the common people, making him unlike any other ruler in the world.

Despite his vast wealth, King Sahibul Hairi felt discontented with his life. This dissatisfaction led him on a journey to meet a powerful sorcerer named Awani Daji, located in the western part of Egypt. The journey took two hours on horseback, and upon reaching the sorcerer's dwelling, the king was amazed to find a stone structure surrounded by trees.

Hadimul Asur, the sorcerer, appeared before the king with a smile, greeting him as the "KING OF KINGS." He promised the king untold wealth and glory if he could find three special items.

The first item was a mysterious woman who knew one hundred and one languages and was an expert in a hundred religions. She was rumored to be over a hundred years old, and her name was Cif-Cif.

The second item was a girl with an extraordinary father who had traveled to nine hundred and ninety-nine countries. The girl herself had visited eight hundred and sixty countries, and her name was Saikazo.

The third item was a young girl named Alfila, who was kidnapped and hidden by a powerful sorcerer named Shamzubul Azwas on Zallus Island. The king was told that a hunter named Sadauki Awaisu could help him find these three girls.

King Sahibul Hairi decided to take on the challenge. First, he had to retrieve a magical ax from King Barusa's palace in Askandariya. The ax had the power to cut through Shamzubul Azwas's steel house.

The king commanded his ministers to bring metal boxes, and each minister was asked to choose one. The one who found the magical ax would be appointed as the regent in his absence. One by one, the ministers opened the boxes, but none contained the magical ax.

Aminul Has, a loyal and selfless servant, was the last to open a box. However, even his box was empty. Despite the disappointment, Aminul Has remained composed and unafraid.

Now the king was ready for his journey to find the three girls and retrieve the magical ax. He knew the challenges ahead were immense, but he was determined to fulfill his quest and return with the promised treasures. The king's resolve and bravery were put to the test, and his tale of adventure was yet to unfold.

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