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SANADIN PARTY Complete Hausa Novel Document by SANADIN PARTY


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SANADIN PARTY   Complete Document Written By Mujahida Matar Malam


"Nifa or failure or Karka Yarda, by the way, let's celebrate the party. She is my best friend. She is my best friend. Taya, you will not marry me. After all our other friends, they will just apologize. Dear Saina, come back," she said, finishing her call and hanging up, leaving her bag behind.

He shook his head, aware that he was married to a woman lacking religious knowledge, guided by both good and evil, and now he was engulfed in sorrow.

"Hello Safa, I just stepped out. Where are you?" he said.

"We're here. We can see you too. Our car is just parked on the side of the road," Kiran replied, cutting the call and making his way towards the location. As he approached the car, it slowly began to move.

Safa greeted him with a smile, saying, "Hey, Amma Neediy, you look great. I'm sorry; I thought Ammar would bring you to this party."

"It's a disaster. He didn't bring me to this party. I've been thinking about him all day," Sukayi added.

They chuckled, and Sukayi continued, "Especially since this party is by the water, he would have enjoyed it."

"What about the beach? It's not too far, is it?" Safa inquired.

"Matsawa. My problem is, it's easy to gain weight. What will you do when we get there?" Sukayi replied, gently touching her belly.

With a smile, she said, "By God, I love my husband so much. He fulfills my entire being. I cherish my husband; he brings so much life to me."

"God bless you. Let's enjoy the party," Safa said.

"Ameen, but it's not a party because I know you better than anyone. I know my husband is an Ustax, he's a very nice person," Sukayi replied.

"It's true. Ammar truly loves you," Safa confirmed.

As they approached their destination, the party at their house was already in full swing. Even the groom had joined in the festivities, with some of the guests even dancing on top of the cars. Anisa got into their car with Rahila and the others, accompanied by their partners.

Rahila, another close friend of theirs, had studied alongside them, especially focusing on Islamic teachings. They had shared a lot of advice, and despite not being fully prepared, Anisa was particularly interested in learning, always doing her best.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Rachel," Anisa apologized.

"By God, the bride has arrived, and she's been begging her parents. Kan subari, she came here just because I did. But Anisa has been fretting the entire time," Rahila said, laughing.

"You don't know me, girl. I swear, I'm not the reason, but now, dear Yadaomin Araina, I'm not giving you a gift. Let me text him," Anisa responded, taking out her phone and sending a text asking for forgiveness before turning it off.

After a long walk, they finally arrived. They parked the car and exited, joining in the lively celebration. The other women began to sing and shout, the musicians playing their instruments.

As they stepped out of the car, Anisa felt her body stiffen. She couldn't move, her heart racing with a sudden fear. Rahila noticed and took her hand, saying, "Just focus on what I'm saying, okay? Don't think about anything else. You're a newbie here."

"Yes, Rahila. I don't know why, but my mind just can't settle in this place. I tried calling Ammar again, but the signal seems to be gone. There's no network," Anisa confided.

"Allah will ease your worries if you pray to Him. Don't let them overwhelm you. Let's talk about Allah," Rahila advised, and they both sat in the car, observing the festivities. Despite everything being ready, the bride refused to remove her socks, and they didn't join the dancing in the hall.



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