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Author: Mhiz Innocent ,

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SANADIN KADDARATA Complete Document Written By Mhiz Innocent


The city lay shrouded in darkness, a characteristic feature of the winter season. The morning breeze was pleasantly cool, touching everyone outdoors and inside their homes. People traversed the streets, some coming from the mosque, others from their early endeavors.

Amidst the crowd, a woman walked steadily with a bundle on her back, secured by a beautiful white towel. Though the situation was unclear, she maintained a moderate pace. Observers glanced at her, but she paid no heed, continuing towards a sand hill. There, she began to untie the towel, revealing blood on her legs, yet she seemed indifferent, focused on concealing whatever lay behind.

At that moment, an elderly couple emerged. The old man trailed behind the woman, expressing his desire to reach their destination early. However, upon noticing the young woman hiding something, he paused in the moonlight and declared, "Wait for me here. Today, I sense a divine intervention." Moving forward, he turned to the woman, urging, "Aff! Do nothing that may lead to wrongdoing. Please take care of this woman. Allow me to investigate what is happening."

As the woman finished her task, a baby, peacefully sleeping in the towel, became visible. Ignoring the infant's face, she left it there and walked away. The old lady, noticing the blood on the woman's feet, stood in shock. Unmindful of another witness, the woman continued her journey, crossing the street.

Attempting to pass through the busy street, a taxi approached. Unperturbed, the woman continued, and the car, unable to stop in time, collided with her. She fell to the ground, lifeless.

The old man hastened with a young boy from the city to the scene. Confused, he asked his wife Gaje about the woman's whereabouts. She, in pain and fear, pointed them to the direction she went. Seya Zabura, a passerby, expressed disapproval at Mr. Inuwa's actions, questioning his arrogance. She then claimed that the woman had saved her and pleaded for understanding.

In the end, they reached Mr. Inuwa's house, where they found the baby. Abdullahi greeted Mr. Inuwa's mother, who was in the courtyard, and explained the situation. Mrs. Inuwa responded with concern for the child and prayed for her well-being.

At the door of Mr. Inuwa's house, Seya Zabura and Gaje waited, deeply affected. When Mr. Inuwa emerged after a few minutes, Seya Zabura informed him about the woman's fate. Mr. Inuwa decided to investigate and, if necessary, involve the city police.

On the other side, the hospital story differed. The woman did not go to the hospital, and a rumor spread through the town. Malam Inuwa, on reaching home, discussed the matter with his wife Seta. Seta proposed adopting the found girl, suggesting they raise her as an investment for the future. Malam Habu, initially surprised, eventually agreed to the idea, seeing it as a positive decision for their lives.

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