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RANA DA WATA Book 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by RANA DA WATA Book 2


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Added On: 21, Nov 2023

Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

Ebook Compiler : Shuraihu Usman

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RANA DA WATA Book 2 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


la and Sabitul Agadawur, and he replied with a glimmer of hope in his eyes, "Fear not, for I have a plan that may free us from the clutches of these marauders."

Zahakim proceeded to unveil his strategy to the captive group. He proposed that they should exploit the enmity between Shuraih Usman and Shuraih 99% to their advantage. Zahakim believed that by manipulating the rivalry between these two formidable figures, they could create chaos among the marauders and seize an opportunity to escape.

Old Shafhila, though initially skeptical, saw a flicker of hope in Zahakim's plan. The group of captives decided to trust Zahakim's strategy, realizing that it might be their only chance for freedom.

As the marauders returned for more captives, Zahakim subtly sparked a confrontation between Shuraih Usman and Shuraih 99%. The bitterness between the two erupted into a fierce brawl, distracting the marauders and creating an opening for the captives to make a break for it.

Seizing the moment, the captives, led by Zahakim, made a daring escape. They navigated through the cave, using their collective strength to overcome the obstacles in their path. With determination and teamwork, they managed to evade the marauders and reach the exit.

Once outside, the group dispersed, each member grateful for their newfound freedom. Zahakim, the strategist behind their successful escape, earned the respect and gratitude of the survivors.

Old Shafhila, free from the clutches of the marauders, couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude towards Zahakim and the warriors who had stood by her side. With renewed hope, she set out on a mission to reunite with her brothers and bring an end to their longstanding feud, hoping to change the course of destiny that had been foretold by the sorceress Sharanu.

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