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TAKOBIN SIRRI Complete Hausa Novel Document by TAKOBIN SIRRI


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Author: Khadija Muhammad Shitu ,

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TAKOBIN SIRRI Complete Document Written By Khadija Muhammad Shitu


The group of friends, including Ayynaa and Saiyma, continued their journey together. Along the way, they shared laughter and stories, forming a tight bond of friendship. However, there was a particular young man named Akiram who had a habit of teasing and taunting Ayynaa, calling her a sorceress. This angered Ayynaa immensely, and she threatened to harm anyone who dared to insult her with that name.

As they walked, Ayynaa's anger was still simmering, but Saiyma tried to calm her down, reminding her to control her emotions. Saiyma could see the fiery determination in Ayynaa's eyes, but he also knew her well enough to understand her strong aversion towards being called a sorceress. Despite her anger, Saiyma managed to bring a sense of peace and harmony among the friends as they continued their journey.

Ayynaa was described as a tall and captivating woman with beautiful features, including big white eyes, a pointed nose, and a small red mouth. Her hair was shiny and flowed down her back, adding to her enchanting aura. Saiyma, on the other hand, had big white eyes, a pointed nose, and a small dark pink mouth. His shiny black hair was equally captivating.

After traveling for a long time, they finally arrived at a grand house in the desert. The house was awe-inspiring, with a door made of gold. Inside, they found a large and luxurious living room, where they gathered around the warm fire until the morning light. The beauty of the house and its architecture were so impressive that they could easily fill ten pages describing it.

The group of friends spent the night together, enjoying each other's company and the comfort of the magnificent house they had discovered. Despite the earlier tension, they found solace in each other's presence and the warmth of the fire as they awaited the break of dawn.

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