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NAMIJIN GASKE Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by NAMIJIN GASKE Book 1


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Author: Shuraihu Usman ,

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NAMIJIN GASKE Book 1 Complete Document Written By Shuraihu Usman


He is a handsome young man, with a face that has captivated every woman he has been involved with. His room is sparse, adorned only with the essentials. A keyboard lies open, the consequences of his carefree and laid-back demeanor evident in his bare chest.

Walking with a piece of wood in hand, wearing knee-length shorts, he exudes an air of confidence. He walks without a care, occasionally looking back as if expecting a confrontation. In his heart, he muses about his luck and time, contemplating a hunting expedition to catch large wild animals. His thoughts are interrupted by a noise that fills him with genuine happiness.

As he continues, a figure emerges from the darkness, a tiger with claws like a moonlit night. Despite the complexity of the encounter, he doesn't seem bothered. A smile crosses his face, and he signals that he will return home with meat.

The tiger, hungry for days, roars, initiating a fierce battle with the young man. In the struggle, the tiger attempts to bite and claw, but the young man skillfully handles the situation. With a quick move, he subdues the tiger, demonstrating a strength that surprises both the tiger and the onlookers.

After defeating the tiger, the young man crouches down, contemplating carrying the tiger's corpse on his shoulder. Suddenly, he senses a disturbance behind him and turns around to find a group of wild and mysterious beings, their bodies adorned with strange markings. They seem otherworldly, and the young man stands before them, ready to face whatever challenges come his way.

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