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MUNJI MUN GANI Complete Hausa Novel Document by MUNJI MUN GANI


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Author: Maje El Hajeej Hotoro ,

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MUN JI MUN GANI Complete Document Written By Maje El Hajeej Hotoro


"Habib, we arrested you last night," the sage's voice called out to me from behind. Startled, I turned around and found Sanye, a friend of mine, dressed in a police uniform, standing outside the metal cell door where I was locked.

Sageer and I had attended secondary school together, and now, to my surprise, he was a police officer in Nafada. "I've been in here since last night," I said, looking at Sageer with surprise mirrored on his face.

"I found your wallet with Tun, who I met with Farida yesterday," I continued, explaining the situation to him. "I followed them to Villa Guest Inn to inform her parents about the matter. That's when I stumbled upon the newspaper."

"What newspaper?" Sageer asked curiously, reaching out to take my hand and showing me a newspaper named "Glow," published by Goma Shatakwa in Ikeja, Lagos State.

"The story is about a woman named Maimunat Haruna," Sageer said, flipping to page twenty-nine. "She claimed to have been married to a ghost for six years and even had two children with him."

As I read the story and looked at the woman's picture, Sageer explained the details of how she fell in love with a man named Cletus at a party and felt an unexplainable connection with him. Despite his troubles and separation from his family, she couldn't bring herself to break up with him, fearing that she would lose him forever.

The story recounted how they got married, had two children, and even visited his family in Plateau State. However, upon meeting his parents and seeing pictures of him as a child, she was struck by the realization that her husband had passed away sixteen years ago.

I listened to the astonishing tale, feeling a mix of disbelief and intrigue at the strange occurrences. The newspaper story seemed eerily similar to what I had experienced.

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