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MUMINA DA AZZALUMA book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MUMINA DA AZZALUMA book 1


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Added On: 21, Jul 2023

Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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MUMINA DA AZZALUMA Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


Once upon a time in the grand city of Nurul Ikhlas, the people were led by a wise Islamic scholar named Uyubul Hasanu. King Uyubul Hasanu was a righteous man, blessed with both wealth and deep knowledge of Islam. The citizens of Nurul Ikhlas held great affection and loyalty towards him. Such was their devotion that if the king set a boundary, no one would dare to cross it. Day and night, King Uyubul Hasanu's primary mission was to spread the teachings of God and combat disbelief in neighboring lands.

Nurul Ikhlas was a city where the focus was on farming and devotion to God. The people had no intentions of training warriors or fortifying their city against war or conflict. This was due to the city's history, as it had never experienced madness or engaged in warfare with other nations. Their earnest prayers seeking protection from God had shielded them from harm, and as a result, peace reigned in the city and fostered positive relationships with neighboring countries, where they engaged in trade and commerce. Only one aspect remained untouched - marriage. While marriages took place, they held fast to Islamic principles and did not give away their children.

King Uyubul Hasanu had one wife named Hufaira, who was a woman of great beauty. They were blessed with a daughter, Juwairiya, whose father affectionately called her 'MUMINA' since she was a baby. As Mumina grew, her beauty surpassed even her mother's, making her a potential symbol of the future on the continent. By the age of 12, Mumina's intelligence, vision, and talents were evident to all. A remarkable aspect of her character was her ability to remember dreams with astounding accuracy and foresee future events.

At the age of 7, Mumina had memorized the Holy Qur'an and acquired vast knowledge from various books, much to the surprise of her father, King Uyubul Hasanu. Her gifts and talents were unparalleled, and she possessed a keen insight into events yet to unfold.

One day, while Mumina, her parents, and a mysterious maid were sitting in the courtyard, Mumina shared a dream she had. In her dream, a saleswoman arrived with a white basket covered in a red veil, bringing goods for sale. Mumina warned her mother not to trust the saleswoman, as she sensed betrayal. Initially, her parents dismissed it as a legend or myth, but moments later, to their astonishment, the very saleswoman described in Mumina's dream arrived.

The saleswoman gracefully greeted the king and Hufaira, and upon opening her basket filled with enticing gold chains, Hufaira was enchanted and decided to make a purchase. As the trade took place, Mumina observed the woman calmly, fully aware of the unfolding events.

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