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MISBAH 1 TO 3 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MISBAH 1 TO 3


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Added On: 17, Sep 2023

Author: Sa'adatu Waziri Gombe ,

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It was a chilly evening, carrying a pleasant scent of rain in the air. Farida had just left Islamia, and as the wind tousled her hijab and caressed her face, she couldn't help but long for his presence. Farida was a young girl, no more than seventeen years old, filled with youthful energy and yearning.

She glanced towards the gate of her house as she walked by, her heart filled with anticipation. She decided to enter the house next door, a place that felt as much like home as her own.

With a gentle push, she entered the neighboring house and moved gracefully inside. Her heart raced as she contemplated how she might catch a glimpse of Nura. She entered the house's main hall and greeted the occupants with a warm hello.

Her mother responded with a cheerful laugh, asking, "Is that you, Farida? You're like a ray of sunshine. Have you finished your studies at Islamia?"

Farida lowered her head shyly and chuckled, a modest and well-behaved girl. She took a seat on the carpet and exchanged pleasantries with her mother, who exuded warmth and hospitality. Farida inquired about Islamic studies for her younger brother, and her mother responded with gratitude and prayed for Farida's success.

As she sat there, her father returned home, carrying food in his hand. Her mother rose to greet him, and Farida followed suit. Her father, a man of affluence, complimented her on her two beautiful and expensive garments and suggested she keep one for herself and give the other to her sister, Aisha. Farida thanked him, saying, "Thank you, Father. May God bless you."

Her father then ascended the stairs, and her mother accompanied him.

This gave Farida the chance to venture into the part of the house they called "DEENI." She knocked on the door of the quiet room three times, but there was no response. So, she gently pushed the door open and entered.

The room remained serene, as if devoid of any life. The sound of an air conditioner hummed softly in the background, and the room was infused with the delightful scent of Deeni perfume. Farida closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, feeling his love envelop her heart.

Slowly, she moved through the room, observing the meticulous arrangement that reflected his personality and behavior. She couldn't help but smile to herself, murmuring, "This is why I love you, Deeni. The way you organize your room reveals your true character. There's no one like you in the world. You are unique, and you are mine."

With her eyes closed, she entered a realm of thoughts, where it was just her and Deeni, a world filled with the sweetest moments life had to offer.

She stayed like that for a while before her gaze wandered, and she realized he wasn't there. Her mood soured, and she desperately wanted to see him today. She couldn't comprehend his silence over the past two days, and it weighed heavily on her heart not to have seen him.

As she was about to turn away, a different sight caught her eye, reminding her of his study room adjoining his bedroom. She hurried towards it with excitement, and there she found him amidst scattered papers, his face etched with sadness. Farida's heart brimmed with happiness at the sight of him, dispelling her earlier concerns.

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