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MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na Biyu 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na Biyu 2

MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na Biyu 2

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MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na Biyu 2

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Added On: 19, Dec 2023

Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na Biyu 2 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


Shaulat, standing in front of Hantaru, struggled to hold back tears, silently handing him a small letter. With trembling hands, Hantaru accepted the letter, opened it, and began to read aloud:

"My son Hantaru,

You have surprised and embarrassed me by carrying out the malevolent intentions you took with you to Kisra. Love blinded you, and you forgot my significance in your life. There is no one I love more than King Kusaidu. You killed his wife, Zarifa, and witnessing her death shattered his heart, leading to his demise.

Now, having lost my husband, grandfather Sulbaini, and father, I am left with only you and my mother. However, I now harbor as much hatred for you as I do for all my enemies. I have been aware of your actions in Kisra through a magical mirror, from leaving the city to killing the sorceress Ardusa, then Zarifa, and bringing a slave to Kisra.

Upon witnessing these events, I wept and felt overwhelming sorrow, prompting me to drink poison the day you arrived in Kisra. This is my final communication. I convey the news that life holds no happiness without love. You must have fallen on the edge of my sword or the bitterness of poison. Take life slowly and be mindful that your greatest enemy lies within your own heart, for it is uncontrollable.

Know that love is the strongest force in the world, and nothing is free from trouble and danger. I will never return to Kisra."

As Hantaru read the letter, tears streamed down his face, and he clutched Salimat's lifeless body, crying uncontrollably. Shaulat eventually took Salimat's body from his hands, and she was buried.

Exhausted from crying, Hantaru fell unconscious, but Shaulat revived him with water. Hantaru, driven by hunger, thirst, and sorrow, felt like a shell of himself.

Upon arriving at the King's house, Hantaru discovered Zarifa's head hanging from a tree, a sight that terrified him. He had believed he had buried her in the forest, raising questions about who exhumed her head and how they knew its location.

Princess Larziya emerged from the King's house, donned in white, and Hantaru, despite his shock, felt immense joy. However, Larziya instructed him to stop, revealing her lover, Hantaru, and confessed that her smile earlier was their farewell. She then took out a knife and stabbed herself.

Devastated, Hantaru wept over Larziya's lifeless body. Attempts to harm himself proved futile due to magical protection. Hantaru then brought Larziya's body to Shurem's house, where the King and others were present. Witnessing the tragedy, the King cried out, and Hantaru knelt by the graves of Salimat and Larziya, smiling even in death.

King Dujalu, sharing the story, observed tears in Hursiya's eyes and asked for her insights. She concluded that love is the most dangerous force, citing the tragic outcomes in the story. Hursiya learned the importance of loving moderately, avoiding the bewitchment of desires, and refraining from making promises one cannot fulfill.

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