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MATSATSUBI Book 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MATSATSUBI Book 2


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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MATSATSUBI Book 2 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


When Jafar tumbled into the sixteenth page of KUNDIN TSATSUBA, propelled by the wind within the mystical realm, they found themselves amidst the skies of an unfamiliar world, ensnared by a ferocious storm. The tempest's intensity threatened to sever their limbs, their hair resembling a cluster of brooms, eyes blinded, nostrils and mouths distorting in size, their screams echoing in agony.

Amidst the turmoil, an enigmatic figure, shrouded in cloud-like hues, materialized above them, turning to unleash a disconcerting laughter. Mazalish attempted a spell, but the storm's force thwarted her efforts. The figure laughed maniacally, proclaiming itself a calamitous storm, warning of dire consequences for those who harbored hatred. Before Jafar could speak, the storm assimilated them, hurtling them towards the ground.

Descending rapidly, they found themselves over a vast sea, the storm relinquishing its grip. Jafar vanished, leaving Yelisa, Gulzum, Mashrila, and Mazalish screaming as they plummeted. A colossal fish's mouth awaited their descent, swallowing them whole, guiding them through its digestive tract. Eventually expelled, disoriented and senseless, it took three hundred and forty seconds before they regained consciousness at the fish's belly's bottom.

Jafar, after inspecting the fish's contents, suggested escape. Gulzum, however, scoffed, questioning their location and predicting a dire fate due to hunger and thirst. Amidst the uncertainty, Yelisa implored Mazalish to use her magic. Mazalish asserted her abilities could only have been effective before their plunge into the sea.

Jafar pondered their situation, Mashirila proposed heading towards the fish's exit. The group concurred, navigating through the fish's innards, reaching the tail after an hour. Gulzum led, and as they approached a door, a startling revelation awaited them.

Attempting to exit, the fish writhed in pain, trapping them. Their struggles caused the fish to flip, hurling them onto the shore. Before they could comprehend their situation, the storm reappeared, carrying Jafar away into space and depositing the others in a desert.

This desert, seemingly idyllic, concealed unforeseen perils. Yelisa, observing approaching colossal structures, realized they were not rocks but immense mountains. Panic set in until Gulzum, attempting to escape, was apprehended by a group led by Maridin, the king of Bauzuls.

Maridin explained their desperate quest for human and demon blood to cure an infertility plague. The captives were intended to be sacrificial, their blood mixed to concoct a remedy. Jafar, defiant, exchanged words with Maridin, revealing the dire consequences they faced.

The captives were led towards a massive mountain, resigned to their fate, as the Maridans sang about ending their perpetual suffering. Mashrila pondered the inevitability of death, while Mazalish preferred death over a life steeped in witchcraft. Jafar, in a blend of sorrow and humor, contemplated the absurdity of their predicament.

Gulzum interrupted, deriding Jafar's thoughts, expressing a desire to end their ordeal and escape the clutches of these malevolent spirits. Thus, Jafar's journey continued amidst uncertainty and peril.

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