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KARAGAR MULKI 1 to 4 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KARAGAR MULKI 1 to 4


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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KARAGAR MULKI Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


In a time not long ago, in the Hindu country, there was a deceased king known for his powerful kingdom and mastery of magic. Scholars and researchers affirmed that no magician in this era possessed such magical abilities anywhere in the world. Despite all the prosperity and greatness of the kingdom, King Kanzal was afflicted with the sorrow of childlessness.

The late king had nine sons, all men, and not a single daughter. King Kanzal was the youngest son of the royal family. When their father fell ill, the brothers assembled, each vying for the throne, and their competition turned into a deadly struggle. They hired foreign mercenaries to protect themselves, but their relationship was marked by enmity and hostility, with each wanting to eliminate the other.

Prince Kanzal, being the youngest, faced the most hardships among his brothers. He miraculously survived multiple attempts on his life, including being thrown into the sea in a bag, only to emerge alive two weeks later, scarred but resilient.

On the day their father passed away, Prince Kanzal returned to the palace, but his presence was met with astonishment, as everyone had believed him dead. Amidst this situation, the competition for the throne commenced between his eight brothers. Prince Kanzal's absence raised concerns, and some members of the Hindu Parliament supported his claim to the throne due to his good character and compassion for the poor, unlike his power-hungry relatives.

Prince Kanzal had spent years traveling the world, learning about governance and magic. His return was greeted with admiration and astonishment, especially when he arrived with a mysterious woman warrior, dressed in white, hiding her face behind a turban and wielding a sharp sword. People were curious about her identity and Prince Kanzal's connection with her.

As the competition began, Prince Kanzal proposed to extend the duration to nine days, considering his recent return. The audience rejoiced at this idea, but his brothers and some members of the parliament became anxious, fearing the power of Prince Kanzal's knowledge.

Each prince faced ten questions on governance and state affairs, and failing to answer one correctly disqualified them from proceeding to the next round. Prince Kanzal's extensive knowledge made him a formidable contender.

In the palace, the intrigue extended to the king's wives, including Jalila, who had never given birth. Her father had arranged her marriage to Prince Kanzal with the hope that the union might help break the secret of the magic river, Bahar Lahiram, which held vast riches. The river was cursed, and every attempt to exploit its treasures ended in disaster.

Now, the Hindu city stood at the edge of an epic competition, with Prince Kanzal's fate and the kingdom's future hanging in the balance. The intrigue, secrets, and rivalry set the stage for a captivating tale of determination, knowledge, and the power of true character.

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