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TAWAGAR MUTUWA Complete Hausa Novel Document by TAWAGAR MUTUWA


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Author: Safeeyanu Bin Abubakar ,

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May God bless you and keep you safe and secure. May the blessings of our leader, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), be upon you. The young man ran as if his life depended on it, his classmates bleeding, but that didn't deter him from sprinting to safety. He checked his grocery bag and found it empty, realizing he had lost his water.

Sixty-nine seconds later, the young man finally collapsed. When he regained consciousness, he was disoriented and began to cry. He questioned whether it was all a dream but felt the pain in his heart, confirming it was all too real. He was famished but had to endure.

After a meal, he asked to be taken away. The young woman, with an anxious expression, glanced out the window. God had blessed her with beauty, which remained undiminished. As they rested, the young man tried to rise, but a sharp pain coursed through his body. He noticed the arrow wound and winced. The young woman woke in alarm, rushed to his side, and gently eased him back into bed, urging him not to move as boys from his class were coming to sleep.

They stayed for seven days, and as the young man's health improved, tensions between them mounted. He couldn't shake the fear in his heart and pondered the events in their city.

Sayyadubi, who is this hero? I know my story is lengthy. It involves riches, warriors, and the slaying of many important figures. The king who ruled this kingdom, Anakiran, had a son named Shadad bin Khalil. King Shaddad was a valiant ruler, and even the monsters feared his might. Yet, he refrained from venturing to the village as he had no heir. The kingdom was plagued by an incurable disease, and its bitterness lingered, leaving the people weary and despondent.

One night, the king's wife fainted, and during that night, the king summoned the physicians. After approximately sixty seconds, the eldest physician looked at the king and announced, "We are pleased to inform you that your wife is seven months pregnant." The king let out a loud scream, startling the physicians, who were prepared to flee. But then he burst into laughter and embraced Princess Jurat.

The king's wife had been pregnant for nine months, and she experienced excruciating labor pains during the night. It was a joyous day, and after seven days of celebration, the king distributed a vast amount of gold and silver to his subjects. Prince Haryacika, seven years old and full of wonder, had many adventures.

Such was the life and reign of King Shaddad, the young ruler of Birge.

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