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ALLON SIHIRI 1 TO 9 Complete Hausa Novel Document by ALLON SIHIRI 1 TO 9


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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He approached on a steed adorned in regal attire, drawing the attention of the city's denizens for three conspicuous reasons.

Firstly, the attire he wore was beyond the reach of anyone but the wealthy elite or a royal prince bearing the weight of his noble name.

Secondly, he had been the cherished paramour of many, a title that any maiden would swoon over.

Lastly, he bore the aura of a male champion, one who had been called upon to rally the masses and gather donations.

In the city of RAUHUL BAHADAR, he confidently navigated its streets, heading toward the grand palace that stood as a testament to the wealth expended on its construction. It was said that within its walls, a paradise on Earth had been meticulously created.

Upon reaching the palace, he inquired about the path that would lead him to his destination. The palace guards marveled at the sight of him as they showed him the way.

Inside the palace, the ruling monarch, QUEEN AKISATUL SAWARA, sat on her regal throne, presiding over her court filled with officials and subjects. The palace was alive with administrative matters, save for the presence of this unfamiliar young man. The guards formed a protective circle around him, cautiously allowing him to approach without crossing the ten-foot gap that separated him from the queen.

With a flourish, the young man dropped to his knees before Queen Akisatul Sauwara, a gesture of humility and respect. She accepted his greeting with a warm smile and inquired about his purpose in her kingdom.

In response, he introduced himself as YARIMA LUBAINU IBIN SALLUR, the prince of the grand city of ZAMRUL, situated on a continent to the west. He explained that his reason for leaving his homeland was to seek the Bahar Imphal river, a quest that perplexed those in the palace.

As he continued, Lubainu noticed the astonishment on the faces of the palace inhabitants, and it became clear that they viewed him as eccentric.

Nevertheless, he persisted, explaining that he had heard of a remarkable history of the Bahar Imphal river within this kingdom, and he had come in search of a medicine said to be found in its waters. The magicians had confirmed to him that he could obtain this remedy from the river, provided he had the knowledge of its complete history. He asserted his determination to retrieve this medicine.

His candidness elicited laughter throughout the palace. Yet, Lubainu remained unfazed, observing the reactions of everyone present.

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