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MATAR AURENAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by MATAR AURENAH


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Author: Fadeela Yakubu Milhat ,

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MATAR AURENAH Complete Document Written By Fadeelah


She was sitting in her room, engrossed in her handouts, when her mother called out, "Mujeedat!" She looked up and responded, "Yes, mommy."

"Today, we had a special occasion," her mother said. Confused, Mujeedat asked, "Special occasion?"

Her mother explained, "Yes, last Friday, she embraced Islam after the Jumma'ah prayer, and her name is now Aisha. Masha Allah, I was overjoyed," her mother recounted.

Mujeedat expressed her astonishment, "You didn't mention this until now, and today is her celebration?"

"Yes, my dear. When someone converts to Islam, God blesses their home and rewards them for their struggle," her mother confirmed.

"May it be so," Mujeedat said. Her mother continued, "She has no friends; they all deserted her. Azeemah and I are there for her. Befriend her. She's also from our community. She's alone." Her mother urged, "It's a good deed. Remember, Mujeedat. Azeemah is also at school."

"I'll go and check on her. Once I return, we can go from there and I'll help Zainab with her makeup," Mujeedat assured.


Guided by Mujeedat's mother, Zainab exclaimed, "Wow, do you understand?" and then left. Mujeedat proceeded to her room, took a bath, performed ablution, prayed the afternoon prayer, and applied oil. After removing her clothes, she adorned herself with a shirt and skirt, then applied some powder. She chuckled, asserting that she didn't usually prioritize beauty, but today was an exception. 

Stay tuned for the continuation of this captivating tale presented in a unique narrative style.

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