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MAGAJIN WILBAFOS book 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MAGAJIN WILBAFOS book 2


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Author: Dr Abdullahi Muhammad Ibrahim ,

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MAGAJIN WILBAFOS book 2 Complete Document Written By Dr Abdullahi


The narrative describes a complex relationship between characters, particularly Hidaya and Jidaime, in a setting involving demons and mystical powers.

Hidaya expresses her discontent with Jidaime, a demon, emphasizing the strength of various tribes in the current age that do not rely on demons. She seems to possess a certain understanding of her brother Armad's strength and is cautious about him depending on his demon. Hidaya's intention is to limit Armad's use of the demon's power and warns Jidaime against manipulating her brother.

Jidaime, the demon, is displeased with Hidaya's perspective, questioning her reluctance to use his strength. Hidaya clarifies that she is aware of her own strength but wants Armad to tap into his innate power rather than relying solely on the demon's abilities. She also warns Jidaime not to let anyone else influence him to connect with her demon.

Later, the narrative suggests that Jidaime attempts to escape, but Hidaya imprisons him with Farar-laya coins. The story hints at a power struggle and complexities within the relationships involving demons and human characters.

In the Jinzidal field, Armad unintentionally assumes the position of captain, and Uznu Ururu intervenes, putting his hand on Armad's heart. A mysterious light emanates from Uznu's hand and enters Armad's body, adding an element of mysticism and supernatural powers to the plot.

The narrative leaves the reader with questions about the dynamics between characters, the source of Armad's strength, and the unfolding events in the mystical world described in the story.

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