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MAGAJIN IZZAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by MAGAJIN IZZAH


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"Kinga Hanisah! I swear, I can't do it. I'd rather run away from this doomed marriage! I can't marry Ikrama!" I exclaimed in distress.

Hanisah opened her eyes in shock and replied, "But have you considered how Babi will feel? If you run away from your wedding…"

Midway through our conversation, I discreetly sent a message to Ansah, "Oh, I'm ready! I'm waiting for you!"

She nervously grabbed her phone and said, "What kind of mistake are you planning? What harm are you thinking of causing? You have only forty-five minutes left until the wedding."

Fearing that she might jeopardize my plan, I told her firmly, "That's it! I've given up on you!" I spoke with a hint of finality, hoping she'd understand.

She reached out and held my hand, saying apologetically, "Addah Aanih, I'm sorry! If you go through with this, Babi's reputation could be ruined! This marriage is an opportunity for you; the groom's father is the governor of this state."

I sighed and reluctantly agreed, "Alright, I'll proceed." However, deep down, I felt conflicted.

She left to relay the message to Ansah, and I closed the door to my room, contemplating the impending events. After about thirty minutes, I received a message from Ansah that read, "Are you ready?"

I quickly replied, "I'm ready," my heart heavy with the weight of my decision. I couldn't help but sympathize with Babi, who was unaware of my plan.

I knocked on the door of my room and asked, "Who is it?"

The response came, "What's wrong, didn't Pampo go missing?" I hesitated, unsure of the sender's identity, but eventually opened the door for him. His face was unreadable as we exchanged glances.

I gestured for him to enter, and he inquired, "How long should I stay here? I've reserved a room."

I pointed to a door adjacent to my bed and said, "Use that one."

Seemingly irritated by my response, he pressed further, "What's the matter?"

"Please just go in and take care of your business," I replied impatiently.

He insisted, "Come in and retrieve your belongings."

Feeling embarrassed, I reluctantly complied. A woman is known for her privacy, and I hadn't intended to reveal this part of myself. As I turned away to remove my pants, I suddenly felt something being placed on my face. I turned back and found him standing over me with a mischievous grin.

I recoiled and stood up, baffled by his actions. He chuckled and said, "Hmm, so eager."

He then left the room, returning with a large blanket. He wrapped the blanket around an object in a sack and slung it over his shoulder. As he left, he mentioned that he needed to fix a pump in another room.

However, he emerged carrying the sack over his shoulder, walked out of the house, and placed it in his Bugatti car. With a final glance at the people entering the house, he started the car and sped away at a breathtaking pace.

No one in the house had followed my actions, as they didn't suspect that I would escape, except for Hanisah, who had her doubts. She rushed to my room, finding the window open and me missing. Fearing the worst, she hurried to her mother, Rahil's room, and called for her to come.

"Kinga Nisah, please come!" she pleaded with her mother.

Rahil, surrounded by others, turned towards her and took her hand as they left the hall. They entered my room, and Hanisah relayed everything to her mother. Rahil's body trembled as she looked at the clock – only ten minutes left for the wedding. She swiftly removed her shoes and raced to find the noble King Aryan, who was surrounded by people.

In tears, she informed him that I, Aanih Fatimah Khatoon, had run away. He looked at her with fear in his eyes and gently placed a hand on her face. She shook her head and reassured him, "God willing, you'll still have two daughters. Take this opportunity, don't worry. Aanih isn't far, and I suspect she was taken by God's will. She wouldn't do this willingly."

A sense of urgency gripped Dakyar as he reached the main mosque where the wedding was to take place. He saved me from embarrassment and led the Governor of Sokoto away, explaining the situation. Eventually, Aryan decided to share the truth with everyone.

He stood in front of the mosque and began, "Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah! I apologize for what I'm about to say. With the assistance of His Excellency Governor Ziyad Almustapha's servant, I regret to inform you…"

The gathered crowd listened intently as Aryan continued his explanation, and the weight of my decision became public knowledge.

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