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MAFARKIN ABDOUL Complete Hausa Novel Document by MAFARKIN ABDOUL


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Author: Safiyya Ummu Abdul ,

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MAFARKIN ABDOUL Complete Document Written By Safiyya


It seems like the story revolves around a young woman named Sweetyna, a student in the plant biology department at Abdoul Moumouni University in Niamey, Niger. The narrative begins with her sitting in front of the science department, described as a girl in her twenties with medium-length hair and wearing a hijab.

Sweetyna receives a phone call that deeply affects her, and the conversation with the person on the other end suggests a close and emotional relationship. The caller expresses concern for Sweetyna's safety and well-being, and the conversation revolves around their shared experiences and affection for each other.

Later in the story, Sweetyna talks with her friend Fadima, who advises her to be cautious in her relationship with someone named Hammad. Fadima seems to be skeptical about men's promises and warns Sweetyna about potential challenges in the relationship.

Sweetyna, however, remains optimistic and emphasizes her love for Hammad. The conversation touches on themes of love, trust, and the challenges of romantic relationships.

The story hints at potential conflicts and struggles that Sweetyna may face in her relationship with Hammad, but she remains steadfast in her love and commitment. The narrative leaves room for further developments in Sweetyna's romantic journey and highlights the complexities of relationships in contemporary times.

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