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KWARATA Complete Hausa Novel Document by KWARATA


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KWARATA Hausa Novel Document by Jameela Musa

KWARATA is a novel written by Jameela Musa that explores the life of a young girl named Faiza, who grew up in a dysfunctional family. Faiza's father is a divorced man who has married twenty-eight women, and he is currently married to four wives. Despite his numerous marriages, Faiza's father is a poor man and has no business other than being a "bite-bige." He is known for his ability to lie and his tendency to get into debt. Despite his poverty, he does not dress like a poor man, and he can easily deceive people into thinking he is wealthy.

Description of KWARATA Hausa Novel

Faiza and her family have never had a plot of land to call their own. They have lived in so many neighborhoods that all the neighborhoods they stayed in are called Aunt Ratata's house or the house of many. Faiza's father is a heavy drinker and a gambler who spends all his money on gambling. When he doesn't have money to gamble, he drinks and hangs out at the local casinos. Faiza's father does not provide for his family, and he is not concerned about their health and wellbeing.

Faiza's father's neglect has forced Faiza and her siblings to fend for themselves. Faiza's brothers have taken on jobs, but Faiza has resorted to prostitution. Faiza is a beautiful young woman with a perfect body that men desire. She has a big waist, full chest, big eyes, and white hair like a native flower. She is the most beautiful and attractive girl in her family, and her beauty attracts men to her. Faiza is a proud prostitute who sees her profession as a quick way to make money.

In KWARATA, readers get to see the relationship between Faiza and her father. They get to see how her father's neglect has affected her and her siblings. They also get to see the reasons behind Faiza's decision to become a prostitute. The novel is a powerful commentary on poverty, neglect, and the choices that people make when they are forced to fend for themselves.

KWARATA is a poignant novel that explores the life of a young girl who has been forced to make difficult choices due to her father's neglect. The novel is a reflection of the challenges that many people in Nigeria face due to poverty and neglect. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of family, love, and compassion. Jameela Musa's writing is raw and honest, and she does not shy away from exploring the harsh realities of life. KWARATA is a must-read for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of life in Nigeria.


This is the story of my seventeen years in the world, a world where my father has four wives and he is fifty-seven. A world where my father is known for his numerous marriages and his profession as a "bite-bige", a man who is good at lying and getting into debt. Despite being poor, he always dresses well and can give the impression of being wealthy.

Growing up in our family, we never had a plot of land to call our own and moved from one neighborhood to another, always living in houses referred to as "Aunt Ratata's house" or the "house of many". My father's only pastime was gambling and drinking, and he never bothered about providing food or taking care of his family's health.

One day, he was shot at a gambling place and couldn't pay the debt, so he was stripped of his clothes and ran back home wearing only shorts. Our house eventually turned into a place of prostitution, and my brothers all took jobs except for me, who was considered too beautiful to work.

But my beauty was not enough to save me from the fate my father-in-law had chosen for me - to become a prostitute. He was the first person to open a license for prostitution and gave away my virginity at a gambling game. I continued in the game because it was a quick way to make money, and I considered myself to be an independent company.

In this book, KWARATA, I will tell you about my father and what kind of daughter I am. Who is better between us? And how my father's actions led to my profession as a prostitute. This story should not be interpreted in any way, as I only want it to be a blessing for married women.

This is the story of my seventeen years in the world, a world where money is the only thing that matters, and where beauty is both a curse and a blessing.

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