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KURUCIYAR MINAL Part 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KURUCIYAR MINAL Part 1


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KURUCIYAR MINAL Part 1 Complete Document Written By Miss Unticlobanty


Amina perches on a modest bed, resembling any ordinary bed, excluding the bed itself. Adjacent, a bowl harbors the remnants of a pungent soup.

Her tears flow as if her very soul is on the brink of departure. Aunty enters the room to check on Lafia; instead of emerging and commencing her tasks, Turus witnesses the prowess of maleeku.

There's something indifferent to me, yet if it deviates, he'll sit alone, inexplicably weeping.

Innarce rushes to Salat's father, akin to catching a teacher with impropriety, questioning, "What are you doing, Aminatu Lapiya? Who will provide me with towels? What caused your distress?"

Upon Amina's rise, she speaks in a tone resembling a plea to the divine, "Mother, Son of God, forgive me, and implore my sister on my behalf." Dana accepts the apology, and Amina pledges not to harm her again, promising a compensation of 50 naira. Galala mom observes, anticipating a better day for Aminatuwa, extending calls to her younger sister.

Mom interjects, "Hush, what transpired? Why the commotion?" Minal responds, "I'm dreaming, akin to laser fever; I'm perishing!" Mom chides her, noting her dirtiness and urging a prompt bath. Minal, tearfully, confesses it's been only five days.

Mom rebukes her for her silence, insisting she shares the truth and compares her condition to a possible contraction of Ebola. Tearfully, Minal questions her mother's love, vowing to change her habits.

Mom orders her to cease talking to neighbors due to bad breath, instructing her to wash her mouth and take a bath. Kurma protests vehemently.

Mom dismisses the dream, urging her to prepare for the final exam and upcoming WAEC. Amina, emerging, questions if Tina is trustworthy. Mom inquires when, to which Amina reveals it happened during the exam. Mom reassures her, prompting Aunty's query about her interactions with Amina.

Tuwalle expresses gratitude for financial assistance, referring to Mom as the king of generosity. Mom hands her old money, instructing her to exchange it. Minal, hesitatingly, accepts it, revealing her skepticism about the old currency.

She embraces Aunt Kamar, leaves with Cewa, and pays a visit to Zaliha's house before heading to school when Tara breaks.

Amina, despite claims of a curse for those who inquire, empathizes with her parents' financial struggles, justifying her infrequent bathing habits as an attempt to save money on soap and perfume.

Amina Yusuf, an 18-19-year-old with a petite nose and an hourglass figure, is the daughter of Teacher Yusuf, a carpenter renowned as everyone's father in the neighborhood. Raised in poverty in Kaduna, her father hails from a Taraba village, losing his family in a fire at 18. He returned to Kano, where he met Amina's mother. Amina has two siblings: Abubakar, who works to support the family, and Khadijah, the youngest at 12.

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