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KOFAR AJALI Book 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KOFAR AJALI Book 2


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Author: Abdul Alhaji Musa 10k ,

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KOFAR AJALI Book 2 Complete Document Written By Abdul Alhaji 10k


*Amrita! Amrita!* The urgent calls echoed, as if attempting to halt the owner of the name from committing a grave offense.

Aiko, a woman bearing this name, strode into the office with an unsettled expression, placing some documents on the desk.

"What the heck is the meaning of this survey download?" she questioned sharply.

Just then, the person who had urgently called her name earlier entered the office.

"Amrita, you need to stop this plan."

"What about Shirita? Label what I'm doing. How many souls are in danger?" Amrita retorted, engaging in a heated argument with the young man as if a physical altercation were imminent. Eventually, she turned away, allowing Hadi to return to the officer in front of her.

"You can claim the investigation is complete all you want, but I don't buy it from that mountain of paperwork. Did you even go through the investigation..." she began, but was interrupted by the young man calling her name, Amritah. She halted what she was doing, visibly upset that accusations of bribery were being levied, and disappointed that the government had entrusted the investigation to them.

Despite having the opportunity to arrest her, the policeman remained silent out of respect for her father's dignity. However, as tensions escalated, Mike started to clash with one another.

Observing the scene, Hadi and Tarun, an employee at the office, watched in astonishment, realizing it was beyond their capacity to handle.

"Amrita, two years is not a short time," the young man remarked during the ensuing silence, catching Amrita's attention.

"I don't know if your brother is alive, but the police are doing everything in their power. They understand that if they had a lead, they would have pursued it. They're dropping the investigation not because they want to, but because challenges and opportunities exist in this world. They won't cease until they've exhausted every avenue."

His words left her cold, and with a lowered head, she attempted to leave in frustration.

The young man rushed out when he noticed a passing car.

"What's wrong with her?" he wondered aloud.

#Amrita is engaged in a dispute with the policeman because they closed the investigation into her brother's disappearance two years ago, along with his colleagues. She believes her brother is still alive. She sped off, stopping only at their house, where she hurried inside to find a young man from Santale in Baro waiting at the police station.

Their eyes met, and he vanished as she looked at him.

"Aunt, let me go home," said Nan's boyfriend as he bid farewell to the woman next to him.

He walked past Amrita, visibly angry. After he left, Soma went to her room and called her name.

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