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KOFAR AJALI Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KOFAR AJALI Book 1


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Author: Abdul Alhaji Musa 10k ,

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KOFAR AJALI Book 1 Complete Document Written By Abdul Alhaji 10k


The door knocker's persistent sound echoed, accompanied by a thin voice urging, "Brother! Brother! Wake up! We'll be late for school, and I can't endure Madam Fati's whipping. Get up!"

Silence filled the room until the blaring alarm ???? shattered it.

"Ugh! I'm awake. What kind of neighbors disturb people in the cold morning hours?" he muttered, concluding with a neutral expression.

Fueled by irritation, he rose from bed, untied his belt, and headed to the bathroom. Swiftly splashing water and brushing, he wasted no time. Clad in a towel, he strolled calmly to the door, tossing the towel aside with an "Aaaa!" and a sprint.

"I don't care about anything."

"What the heck, Muzaffar? How did you get in?" the young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes questioned while grooming.

Muzaffar, seated on the bed with a coffee cup, replied, "Oh, I met your sister downstairs. She told me you're pregnant."

"Oh God, damn it!"

"Want the witch to catch you downstairs?"

"Fine, come in and sit. Sabida, I'm your friend, but I'm not making promises," he chuckled, concluding with a smile.

Dajiyo playfully hit Muzaffar, causing him to spill while the young man changed clothes. After a speedy breakfast, they headed out to the yard, hand in hand, impressively strolling.

"Say thank you. I made them wait, or you'd be in a mess," Muzaffar remarked.

"You fool," the relieved young man retorted, and laughter filled the air. They drove to a car waiting for them, and as they entered, a voice from the back seat greeted, "Atif and Muzaffar, we've been waiting. Also, bad news: the leader hasn't retracted her statement about us traveling with Mu'azz's team."

With a sigh, she pulled them into the car, which accommodated Atif, Muzaffar, Simon, Mufyda, and Tina.

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