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KISAN GILLA Complete Hausa Novel Document by KISAN GILLA


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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KISAN GILLA Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


Once upon a time, in a distant past, there existed a grand city named Madinatul Hasasor in the Arab world. This city flourished due to its immense wealth, vast territory, formidable warriors, and a thriving population. The just and compassionate ruler of Madinatul Hasomar was King Hisham Ibn Ubaida.

King Hisham had a wife named Jal Shamilat, who was the daughter of a great king from a neighboring kingdom called Hushush. The union between the two was blessed with two pregnancies, filling their hearts with great joy. They cherished the gift of parenthood immensely, considering their age and the difficulty of having children.

Upon learning of his daughter's marriage and subsequent pregnancies, King Hisham's excitement exceeded even that of Shamilat and her husband. He longed to see his grandchildren before old age overtook him.

King Sahibul Hilayat, recognizing the significance of this moment, sent messengers bearing gifts of great wealth to King Hisham. However, King Hisham declined the offering, preferring to wait for the birth of his grandchildren before accepting any gifts.

Meanwhile, at the court of King Hisham, there was a stark contrast between him and his brother, Prince Zamaru. While King Hisham was just and caring, Prince Zamaru was known for his cruelty, disbelief, and worldly pursuits. Beneath a facade of love for his brother, Prince Zamaru nurtured envy, jealousy, and an insatiable desire for the throne.

This envy escalated when, during their father's reign, it was decided that King Hisham would succeed him. Prince Zamaru could not bear the idea of his brother becoming the king, and he started plotting ways to eliminate him from the picture.

Prince Zamaru even went as far as hiring an assassin to kill King Hisham, but the attempt failed due to divine intervention. Frustrated, Prince Zamaru waited patiently for the opportune moment to take the throne for himself.

As time passed, Shamilat's pregnancy brought even more distress to Prince Zamaru, as he realized that if she gave birth to a child, his chances of becoming king would be further diminished. Unable to contain his anxiety, he spent sleepless nights contemplating the situation.

During one of these restless nights, Prince Zamaru's wife, Sarima, tried to comfort him, assuring him of her love and understanding. She suggested seeking the advice of a mysterious magician who possessed the ability to soothe broken hearts.

With a glimmer of hope, Prince Zamaru and Sarima set out secretly to find the enigmatic magician. After a treacherous journey, they arrived at a hut built on a peculiar rock formation. Inside the hut, they encountered a tall, charismatic man dressed in a tiger skin.

This man introduced himself as Hizainu Ibn Markasi, the master of secrets. He claimed to know all of Prince Zamaru's desires and offered to fulfill them if the prince agreed to share his kingdom and wealth. Initially hesitant, Prince Zamaru finally accepted the offer, on the condition that he would never harm Hizainu or seek to take back the kingdom.

Amused by the prince's unexpected response, Hizainu agreed to the condition and vowed to help him achieve his wishes. The prince's fate now lay in the hands of the mysterious magician, and he hoped that this gamble would lead him to the fulfillment of his aspirations.

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