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KASUWAR RAYUKA 1 and 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KASUWAR RAYUKA 1 and 2


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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KASUWAR RAYUKA Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


"Once upon a time, in a distant past during the era of the slave trade, when tyrannical kings ruled over the city of Kisra, there was a powerful and infamous ruler named King Uzaima. In those days, one's freedom was limited, and only those who were kings, rich, magicians, or heroes had any semblance of control over their lives. Others were treated like animals, deprived of basic human rights.

King Uzaima was a ruthless slave trader, amassing immense wealth and power through his vile practices. He would embark on perilous sea voyages, capturing thousands of slaves, sparing no one, not even children, and leaving devastation in his wake. He would demand ten thousand slaves from conquered towns and cities, and if refused, he would wage war until he enslaved even their kings.

As King Uzaima's reign approached its fortieth year, a grand celebration was planned to mark his two decades on the throne. The event attracted warriors and heroes from all corners, enticed by the promise of rich rewards for anyone who could defeat him. However, amidst all his glory and accomplishments, King Uzaima's heart ached, for he had no heir to carry on his legacy.

In a neighboring country called Nurul Amsar, ruled by the wise and aged King Sa'ad Ibin Husein, there lived a beautiful young woman named Aryala. Hidden from the world due to her extraordinary beauty, Aryala was secretly trained by her father in the art of combat. For twelve years, she lived secluded, her face always hidden by a black veil, as per her father's decree.

Princess Aryala's longing for her true identity, her heritage, and the love for her father filled her heart. Although her mother, Zalima, wanted to return to the city and claim her rightful place, Aryala's devotion to her aging father kept them away.

One thing brought solace to Aryala's heart: her hunting expeditions, where she demonstrated remarkable bravery. But her true destiny awaited her, and the path back to the city was riddled with obstacles and tears of uncertainty."

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