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KANO TO JIDDA Complete Hausa Novel Document by KANO TO JIDDA


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Author: Zahra Muhammad Mahmud Surbajo ,

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KANO TO JIDDA Complete Document Written By Surbajo


*Laminkwai* is a quaint village nestled within the larger village of *Daurawa*, situated in the town of *Yako* within the local government of *Kiru* in Kano state.

Malam Hashimu, a resident of this village, is a man with one wife named Laminde and a daughter named *Suhaima*. Suhaima, a ten-year-old girl, is the only surviving child, as her four younger brothers all succumbed to unfortunate circumstances tied to their names.

Malam Hashimu harbors resentment towards his daughter, blaming her for the misfortunes that befell their family. He perceives her as a burden, associating her birth with a decline in his farm's prosperity and the onset of poverty. Despite Suhaima's innocence, her father distances himself, accusing her of being a harbinger of misfortune.

Laminde, Suhaima's mother, pleads for understanding and seeks to uncover the truth behind her daughter's perceived curse. The townsfolk are aware of Malam Hashimu's disdain for his daughter, and some even participate in mistreating her.

Despite being a Muslim, Malam Hashimu neglects his responsibilities towards Suhaima's education, sending her to boarding school irregularly due to financial constraints. The money for Wednesday setafi often determines Suhaima's attendance, reflecting her father's lack of commitment.

One day, as Suhaima diligently washes her school uniform, she senses her father's anger escalating. Fearing an impending beating, she searches for an escape route. When her father begins the assault, Suhaima pleads for mercy, denying any wrongdoing and insisting she is not a witch. Her cries intensify, but Malam Hashimu remains undeterred, convinced of her malevolence.

In the midst of the beating, Suhaima calls out to her mother for help, alleging innocence and pleading for God's intervention. Laminde, though distressed, is unable to intervene as she fears exacerbating her husband's fury. The assault continues until Suhaima becomes unconscious.

Upon realizing the severity of Suhaima's condition, Malam Hashimu ceases the beating. Laminde rushes to her daughter's aid, bringing water to revive her. After regaining consciousness, Suhaima, still in pain, requests to be taken to her "real Baffa" (father).

In an attempt to console her daughter, Laminde reassures Suhaima that Malam Hashimu is indeed her father and encourages her to pray for guidance. Despite the challenges, Suhaima's life unfolds within the complexities of her strained relationship with the man she doubts is her true father.

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