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JININ MULKI CE Complete Hausa Novel Document by JININ MULKI CE


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Author: Mujahida Matar Malam ,Ammin Khausar ,

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JININ MULKI CE Hausa Novel Document by Mujahida Matar Malam & Ammin Khausar

JININ MULKICE is a Hausa novel written by Mujahida Matar Malam and Ammin Khausar. It tells the story of Princess Simrat, a kind and compassionate young woman who is also the blood of a queen. Simrat is always willing to help those in need, and she often visits hospitals to help with labor and other needs.

Description of JININ MULKI CE Hausa Novel

One day, Simrat is visiting the Khausaar Medical Hospital when she sees a young woman who is about to give birth. The young woman is in pain and scared, and Simrat immediately takes charge. She helps the young woman deliver her baby, and the two of them form a bond.

The young woman's name is Saida, and she tells Simrat her story. Saida is from a poor family, and she was forced to marry a man she did not love. She is now pregnant with her second child, and she is afraid of what the future holds.

Simrat is sympathetic to Saida's story, and she offers to help her. She helps Saida find a job, and she also helps her get an education. Saida is grateful for Simrat's help, and she eventually becomes a successful businesswoman.

Simrat and Saida's friendship is tested when Saida's husband finds out about their relationship. He is angry and jealous, and he tries to hurt Simrat. However, Simrat is able to defend herself, and she eventually helps Saida to leave her husband.

Saida and Simrat's story is a story of friendship, love, and triumph. It is a story about the power of kindness and compassion, and it is a story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.



A Royal Visit

The security guards at the Khausaar Medical Hospital were caught off guard when a convoy of cars pulled up to the gate. The cars were all expensive and well-maintained, and they were clearly driven by people of means. The guards quickly opened the gate, and the cars drove through.

The lead car stopped in front of the hospital, and a young woman stepped out. She was dressed in a beautiful red dress, and she wore a crown of gold on her head. She was clearly a princess, and she was greeted by the hospital staff with great respect.

The princess walked into the hospital, and she was immediately surrounded by people. She smiled and waved at the patients, and she even stopped to talk to a few of them. She was kind and compassionate, and she seemed to genuinely care about the people she was meeting.

The princess spent a few hours at the hospital, and she visited every ward. She spoke to the patients and the staff, and she even helped to deliver a baby. She was a true inspiration, and she left everyone feeling uplifted.

After she left the hospital, the princess went back to her car and got in. She waved goodbye to the staff and the patients, and then she drove away. She was a kind and compassionate young woman, and she was a true asset to her kingdom.

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