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DR ZAHRA Complete Hausa Novel Document by DR ZAHRA


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DR ZAHRA Complete Document Written By Asmeeta ce



My residence exudes grandeur and meticulous organization. Nestled behind a gate adorned with lush greenery, the exterior boasts a vibrant floral landscape. Inside the grand hall, an array of beautiful, eye-catching flowers enhance the aesthetic appeal. Six cars are neatly parked in the spacious driveway.

I noticed a young woman approaching a door that led to the entrance of the house. She reached for the doorknob, pausing as she adjusted the bag slung over her shoulder. With a deliberate turn of the handle, she entered the main hall, finding it deserted and feeling at ease. Slowly, she ambled forward, occasionally glancing back.

As she began to ascend the staircase, a voice called out behind her, "Hello and welcome." Startled, she spun around, locking eyes with Harara Ammeiy, who scrutinized her intently, scanning her from head to toe. Clad in knee-length pants, a pair of ball shoes, a long-sleeved shirt, and a hat with a scarf, she stood before him.

"Is it not a good day, Ammeiy?" she inquired.

He grimaced and retorted, "So, Ammeiy, am I drunk again?"

Exasperated, she gently slapped his face, questioning, "Oh, dear Ammeiy, what's gotten into you?"

Mockingly, he continued, "You won't perish, Manene. The Son will arrive before you know it." With that, Ammeiy headed to the kitchen.

Observing Ammeiy's departure, she lingered for a moment before skipping up to her bedroom, her voice echoing in a joyous song. Inside the room, she encountered MIMA, and the two playfully embraced, their foreheads touching.

"What did you come to see?" MIMA teased.

Laughing, she responded, "I see, I'm not the only one who didn't see it, right?"

Maryam shook her head, meeting MIMA's gaze before taking her hand, leading her into the room. Glancing around, she locked the door and exclaimed, "Hey baby, what fantastic news!"

MIMA beamed, regarding Maryam, and remarked, "That's Mary. You mentioned she's MASTER ZEE. Oh, I'm simply playing the game."

Embracing MIMA, Maryam exclaimed, "Are you serious?"

With a mischievous glint, MIMA provoked, "I might be fibbing."

Maryam's smile widened as she responded, "Don't tease, I'm truly overjoyed."

MIMA, adjusting her hair, asked, "Have you heard where the Master has landed?"

"Of course," Maryam replied, laughing.

MIMA rose, grabbing a towel, and suggested, "Let me take a quick shower."

As she made her way to the bathroom, Maryam's voice called out, "Hurry and freshen up. I'll be waiting for you in the living room. I suspect UNCLE HERO will arrive soon."

MIMA halted briefly, rolling her eyes before addressing Maryam and leaving the room. With a glance and a sigh, she strolled for approximately thirty minutes until her body cooled down, finally entering the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Maryam opened the door and entered, noticing MIMA lying on the bed, covered in sheets. Opening her eyes, MIMA mumbled, "Sis, are you alright?"

Trembling, Maryam replied, "N... no, I'm fine. It's just a fever."

"Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. Sorry, let me inform Ammeiy," she attempted to rise, but MIMA grasped her hand, shaking her head and urging, "No, don't go. What if UNCLE HERO arrives?"

She nodded, gazing at MIMA. Speaking in a weak voice, MIMA assured her, "You go ahead, I'll rest here."

Expressing concern, Maryam murmured, "Sis, what if something happens to you before we get married?"

Agitated, MIMA sat up abruptly, exclaiming, "By God, you've frightened me already. Go on, attend to your tasks, and let me be."

Gazing at MIMA, Maryam pondered, "A healthy person is a bastion of strength," as MIMA rose and made her way downstairs.

Maryam took a deep breath before departing the room. In the living room, she found Ammeiy waiting.

"Shall we leave?" she asked.

"Where's Mara, your stepsister?" Ammeiy inquired sharply.

Maryam stammered, "Um... she said she's not feeling well."

With a click of the tongue, Ammeiy left the hall. Maryam heaved a sigh of relief, and they both stepped into the car, the driver setting off from the residence.

Arriving at the airport, they disembarked as he departed. Dressed in a small white shirt and blue-black jeans, he sported a striking countenance, his black hair meticulously styled with a touch of oil. His visage concealed behind white sunglasses.

The driver spotted him and hurried to retrieve the luggage, warmly welcoming him. Ammeiy greeted him with a smile, and murmushi reciprocated the gesture. Maryam stood beside Ammeiy, smiling as she admired his handsome face, thinking to herself, "Wow, this man is quite the charmer."

Approaching, he embraced Ammeiy, his smile radiating warmth. Ammeiy reciprocated the embrace with evident delight.

"Welcome, Uncle?" Maryam inquired, but he remained expressionless.


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