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DR A S ZAKI Complete Hausa Novel Document by DR A S ZAKI


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Author: Safiyya Galadanci ,

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DR A S ZAKI Complete Document Written By Safiyya Galadanci


From a distance ahead, it descended, just as she arrived at the hall in search of a parking spot. Observing that the space in front of the hall was vacant, which was unusual as students typically waited there before the lecturer's arrival, her mind became alert. After parking her car, she adjusted her veil, grabbed her book and a small bag, then retrieved her phone, locking the car before making her way to the hall.

Upon her arrival, she found herself alone, the silence broken only by the sound of his voice emanating from within, as though he was instructing the class from behind the door. Startled, her phone rang, displaying the call from her friend Nana Sule. Ignoring it, she glanced back only to meet his gaze, prompting her to quickly step back, clutching her chest.

The feeling of his eyes upon her, tracking her every move, induced a sense of panic as she realized she hadn't noticed him earlier. When he entered the classroom, his eyes scanned the room for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. This departure from her usual punctuality raised concerns that she might not show up that day. He found himself almost distracted by the curious glances of the students listening to him. Resolving not to let her unsettle his class, he called out, "Aisha Nabila, please come in or leave, as you are disrupting my class." Startled, she met his gaze once more before swiftly entering, aware of numerous eyes following her every step, her legs trembling. He observed her in silence, marveling at the grace of her movements even as she stumbled, engrossed in the book in front of her, causing her Jakarta and phone to fall to the ground.

Glancing quickly in his direction from the elevated stage, she averted her gaze and fetched a chair from the front to take a seat. As he concluded the lecture and departed, she let out a sigh and turned to Nana Sule, remarking, "I didn't answer your call; I didn't want to. You didn't see the prolonged exchange of expressions. Let's go, I need rest."

Buying seven meat pies with Sprite, she remarked, "The crust is cold, but the filling is warm." They strolled, Nana Sule asking, "Are you still afraid?" She remained silent, clutching the paper in her hand, walking briskly, recalling their eye contact and her resolve to surprise him. Sitting in the car, she closed her eyes and took a bite, musing, "Is there anything better than this, the best food in the world?" Nana glanced at her and retorted, "Oh, my dear, you're mistaken. Such a thing doesn't exist. Nothing surpasses the appeal of vibrant attire and delectable cuisine." She quietly murmured, "When the time is right, I'll reveal something better than food, even in the absence of a girl." Reversing the car onto the main road, she stated, "I want to find a shaded spot. Let me park here and feel the heat." Nana Sule's phone rang, and she retrieved her bag, answering with a smile, "The value of silence is indeed calling." Chuckling, her lips, though thin, curved gracefully, adorning a countenance that exuded a captivating allure, alongside her striking tresses and tall stature, explaining her preference for not wearing excessively tall clothing.


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