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CUTA TA DAU CUTA Complete Hausa Novel Document by CUTA TA DAU CUTA


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Author: Nazir Adam Salih ,

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Suddenly, a woman's screams pierced the air, capturing the attention of nearly everyone in the establishment. This sudden commotion caused patrons to turn and fix their gaze on the source of the disturbance. The woman was sitting with her boyfriend at one of the tables in the bar, not partaking in the dance floor activities. Someone had accidentally stepped on her foot while dancing, leading to her outburst.

"Oh, dear!" the woman thought, clutching her stomach, which had been upset for a while. She reached for her beer and began sipping on it in an attempt to calm her nerves.

Among the dancers, a young man laughed heartily and said, "What a ridiculous scene! My goodness, he seems to be quite upset over this poor fellow. Look at him, a fine young man, and he's brought us such a miserable companion!"

The remarks from the dancing crowd quickly grabbed the attention of the rest of the patrons. Those seated near the woman's table began distancing themselves from her, hoping to avoid any disruptions to their meal or drink.

The woman's boyfriend, growing increasingly frustrated, stood up with a bottle of wine in hand, casting an irritated look at his moaning partner.

From the corner of the bar, near the entrance to the Sharoliyar circle, a short man nicknamed "Boxers" made his way toward the young man and the distressed woman. His presence was marked by an unmistakable bulge in his tight sweater, bearing the bold letters "TWO IN ONE."

"What's going on here, gentlemen?" inquired Boxers, eyeing the young man suspiciously.

"This lady," the young man explained, his frustration evident, "she can't handle her liquor without getting herself into trouble. I don't even know how to deal with her anymore."

Boxers regarded the young man with concern, considering whether it would be best to remove them from the premises to prevent any further disturbances. However, he recalled the young man's past favors and decided against such a course of action. Instead, he suggested, "Why don't we steer clear of these sorts of women? They can drive people away, you know. Look at how she's sick and vomiting now. Everyone else has already cleared out of the bar. You ought to be more discerning when choosing your companions."

The young man, touched by Boxers' words, let out a soft sigh and ran a hand across his face. "I picked her up at City Hotel," he admitted.

"Her room is there, you say?" inquired Boxers.

"That's what I'm wondering myself," the young man replied, his frustration apparent. "Take her back to the hotel and toss her out. That's the last time we're going out together. She'll be fine by morning, I'm sure."

Boxers chuckled heartily at the young man's account and agreed to help him with the task. They, along with two burly doormen, approached the woman and decided it was time for her to leave.

"Thank you," the young man said. "I'll come by tomorrow." He touched his long shirt's pocket as he spoke.

"You're welcome," Boxers responded with a smile. "We're always here."

With that, the young man made his way to the bar's exit, casting a wary eye toward the two guards stationed there, ready to inspect him before he left. As he stepped outside, he pondered his next move.

This young man, who always seemed to have money, was both an ally and a potential adversary to Boxers. While he may not have been wealthy himself, he had an uncanny ability to earn money through various means. He often engaged in schemes to secure a quick payday, whether it was by offering assistance to drivers, selling goods at a markup, or even joining groups of thieves when opportunities arose.

The young man's resourcefulness allowed him to accumulate money, a skill that had some people wondering how he managed it. Despite his apparent lack of a steady job, he always seemed to have funds at his disposal. He was known to be quite cunning and resourceful when it came to parting others from their money, often employing clever strategies to separate people from their cash without resorting to violence.

At times, he would even collaborate with a gang of thieves, joining their criminal endeavors in search of quick gains. It was this particular trait that set him apart, making him a figure to both admire and be wary of in the neighborhood.

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