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CANJIN RAYUWA Complete Hausa Novel Document by CANJIN RAYUWA


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CANJIN RAYUWA  Complete Document Written By Halima K Mashi


Hajiya Saudat sat in prayer, her graceful demeanor belying her forty-seven or forty-eight years of age. Despite the passing years, her beauty and composure seemed to defy time; to look at her, one might guess her to be no older than thirty. Amidst her devotions, her Nokia phone chimed softly, drawing her attention. With a serene countenance, she answered the call, her eyes resting on the familiar face of her husband, whom she hadn't heard from all day.

In a gentle tone, she queried, "You haven't reached out since morning?" Her husband's reassurance followed, explaining his attempts to reach her. Accepting his explanation, she attributed the lack of communication to network issues. A faint smile played on her lips as she teased about his impending hunger, to which he responded with a light-hearted laugh, expressing his eagerness to be welcomed home.

Their banter shifted momentarily as her husband mentioned MIMI, eliciting a soft sigh from Saudat. She reiterated her disdain for MIMI's presence, affirming her decision to ban her from their home. Despite her husband's protestations, Saudat remained resolute, unwilling to relent on her stance.

As the conversation drew to a close, her husband bid her farewell, and with a heavy heart, Saudat watched as he disconnected the call. Left alone with her thoughts, she bit her lip in frustration, knowing she would have to acquiesce to her husband's wishes. The mention of MIMI had stirred up emotions she preferred to keep buried, yet she knew she had to abide by her husband's desires, no matter how much it pained her.

Later, as Saudat conversed with Abdulkarim, their exchange briefly touched upon MIMI's name. Abdulkarim, perceiving her discomfort, offered to leave, but Saudat insisted he stay, masking her inner turmoil with a neutral expression.

Their conversation turned lighthearted as Abdulkarim joked about his journey from Zaria. Saudat, though appreciative of his company, couldn't help but jest about his apparent motivation being MIMI's presence. However, she quickly redirected the conversation, urging him to refresh himself while she attended to his needs.

As they exchanged pleasantries, Saudat reminded Abdulkarim to be patient with MIMI, citing past familial tensions and the need for understanding. Abdulkarim sighed, acknowledging the complexity of the situation but reaffirming his intention to depart. Despite Saudat's pleas for patience, Abdulkarim remained steadfast in his decision, unable to reconcile with MIMI's presence in their lives.

Their conversation, albeit tinged with tension, concluded amicably as Abdulkarim prepared to leave. Saudat watched him depart, her thoughts lingering on the complexities of familial relationships and the challenges they presented. As she retreated to the main kitchen, her mind raced with the weight of responsibility and the burden of familial expectations, reminding herself to navigate the delicate balance with grace and resilience.

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