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BUSA A MUTU Book 4 Complete Hausa Novel Document by BUSA A MUTU Book 4


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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BUSA A MUTU Book 4 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


Even Husnaila witnessed Muraisu's reaction with immense joy. As she entered, she greeted him with respect as the Mayor of Mazan Jiya and acknowledged his bravery and the training she had imparted. She encouraged him to gather fighters without hesitation, assuring him that the benefits of his training in Kirzufa Forest would soon become evident. Husnaila playfully warned him not to embarrass her, asserting that if he succeeded, she wouldn't be with him forever.

Muraisu, upon hearing this, looked at Husnaila and expressed his gratitude, "O Ummina, I will not bring shame to you. Is this the day I've been waiting for? Now you will know that your efforts were not in vain. Now you will know that you have given birth to a hero, the grandson of Jarmai."

Husnaila, overwhelmed with happiness, embraced Muraisu, blessing him. She then pulled away, facing him, and delivered a second announcement. Muraisu was to be ready at all times, and if he heard any unusual movement in the forest, he was to use his hunting horn and signal for her. She emphasized that when they neared the enemy, he should not rush ahead but observe and follow her lead in battle.

Satisfied, Muraisu nodded in agreement. Husnaila took Muraisu's hand and led him into their house, accompanied by Jairul and Hairul, suggesting they rest after a day of work. The trio of Muraisu, Husnaila, and the animals of Kirzufa Forest remained vigilant, anticipating the arrival of the enemy.

On the twenty-first day, the anticipated horns resonated through the forest. Muraisu, accustomed to the sound, felt a sinking feeling, aware that it signaled the impending conflict. At noon, the sound of horses and the cheers of men filled the forest, stirring Muraisu and Husnaila from their lunch.

As the noise reached them, they hastily prepared for battle. Husnaila, armed with her spear, and Muraisu, with his bow and three arrows, headed to the front door. Muraisu blew his hunting horn, silencing the forest. The enemy, comprising seventy thousand soldiers led by King Zaidur, entered with fearsome weapons and an intimidating presence.

All the animals of Kirzufa Forest gathered before Muraisu and Husnaila, joined by Jairul and Hairul with their monkey army. Muraisu greeted them, and Husnaila addressed the creatures, acknowledging their long coexistence in the forest. However, she warned them that this time would be different, as the approaching enemy posed a real threat.

Husnaila called upon the animals to stand united and fight for their lives and their home. With this rallying cry, she led the way, holding her mashita. Meanwhile, Muraisu mounted Zaki's head, followed by Husnaila, preparing to face the impending battle.

Observing the enemy, King Zaidur displayed signs of fear, while Muraisu and Husnaila stood firm, ready to defend Kirzufa Forest against this formidable adversary.

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